AGROCROP: Raising the bar for the Peanut Industry

AGROCROP: Raising the bar for the Peanut Industry

January 24, 2021
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Agrocrops is an international leader in the peanut industry, with operations across the entire value chain. Various business ventures of Agrocrops include peanut farming, peanut seed distribution, peanut shelling & processing, peanut logistics & laboratories, peanut blanching, peanut butter, B2B supply of raw peanuts in the national & worldwide market, B2C snack food manufacturing and distribution biomass. The company has its individual trademark quality of peanut called ‘PnutKing’ to source the B2B demand with the maximum food-safety ideals. 

Products & Solutions

The company holds different origins of peanut, i.e., India, America, China, Africa & Argentina. Their advantageously positioned shelling, grading, importing and warehousing facilities – in the peanut budding green belt and at ports – help deliver a reliable supply. Local warehousing in large consuming locations allows them to be a reliable partner to clients such as factories and the local marketplace.

 Agrocrops not only handles the entire peanut and chilli value chain but also runs logistics, customs clearance & phytosanitary agreement to guarantee the best quality products at the best price. The machines play a great role in filtering out the faulty. They are the only Indian peanut exporters in India to use such technology for processing. Other products that the company offers include red chills, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, raisins, fenugreek seeds, chickpeas, fennel seeds, kalonji seeds, dill seeds and onions.

Key Benefits/ Value Proposition

The raw material for the PnutKing brand is judiciously selected. They are sourced from the green-belt of peanut production to avoid aflatoxin sources. While processing, water is not sprayed and the product does not come in contact with a human touch. The best raw materials are chosen to significantly reduce the stress on the process or machine to produce the best quality.

• Aflatoxin is tested by HPLC method in-house.

• 20% random sampling is completed to guarantee coverage.

• Our imported packing line works with top speed & accuracy.

• Premium grading and cleaning machines are sourced from the USA.

• The product is ensured to be 99.5% clean before sent for shipments.

• Elevators for complete products are tubular to evade product exposure.

• Emphasis is laid on the right packaging solutions based on transit time.

• The sacks that are checked are sealed and marked to ensure traceability.

• Packing for shelf life of 3 months up to 1 year in dry storage warehouses are available.

• PnutKing is the solitary proprietary Peanut snack food supplier in India with BRC certification.

• Laser scanners are used which reduces the aflatoxin by scanning for moulds with 4 lasers.

• The machines combined capacity encompasses a 480 Tons/Day which brands this factory India’s largest by capacity.

• The quality of the products is checked by an external quality controller and the salesperson to meet our internal standards of specifications.

Future of Agrocrops

Based in Tamil Nadu, Agrocrops Exim Limited is presently expanding its processing capacity. The company has started producing peanut butter and other confectioneries. The company has plans to set up seven processing and grading units in the groundnut producing belt. They are also considering entering the retail segment with value-added peanut products. New Agrocrops Exim’s plants have begun to operate from Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and Orissa. These plants are some of India’s largest processing units with a daily capacity of 480 tonnes, as claimed by AgroCrops.

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