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FAQ's about Focus Agritech services

We understand that you might have a few doubts before getting started with us. While you can easily contact us in case of any queries, we have answered few questions that new visitors usually ask.

  • Agri Tech Start-Ups
  • Agriculture OEM’s / Product Manufacturers
  • Venture Capitalists / Angel Fund Investors
  • Enterprises and Corporates in the Agriculture value chain

  • Associations
  • Government Bodies
  • Digital Advertising Banners
  • Featured Interviews
  • Featured Articles
  • Featured News
  • Featured Videos / Audio Visuals
  • Product Catalogue display

– If you are an Industry leader in Agritech and want to partner with the ecosystem on your innovative idea or approach, aligning with us can connect you with other stakeholders.

– If you are an Agritech Startup and looking for Investors / Business Partners, our portal gives you the visibility and reach to get noticed.

– If you are launching a New Product or Service, Website, or Platform for Agriculture / Agritech, collaboration with us gives you the synergy to force multiply your efforts.

If you are expanding in newer regions or geographies and need research or support on market penetration, we can define your strategy.

– If you have an innovative idea that needs to be promoted at the policy-making level or industry experts, we can help you get the right audience.

Choose the right plan for your company and get started in as quick as 5-7 working days.

– Our business model is based on trust, flexibility, and responsiveness. Talk to us about any customization you may need in our plans, and we promise to help at zero extra costs.

The process starts with understanding the goals and objectives of the client. The goals could be increasing the conversion rate, generating more brand awareness, getting more traffic on the website, etc. These goals are usually aligned with the broader marketing goals of the company. After goals are understood, we start with making them SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and time-bound. This process is finally followed by coming with a strategic plan to achieve these goals. 

Absolutely! Similar to measuring results while doing digital advertising, it is equally important to measure content marketing results. Otherwise, we wouldn’t know if our content marketing strategy is successful or not. So, to measure our strategy, we define the Key Performance Indicators that should be tracked. After defining the KPIs or the Key Performance Indicators, we would track them from time to time to notice the trends and any deviation. Not only tracking the KPIs, but we would also evaluate the KPIs so that the best ones are only used to measure the content marketing strategy.

We are an agency that constantly works on improving its knowledge base and up skilling itself. Apart from this, we are a high-quality driven agency that delivers the highest quality content to its clients. But, what actually makes us different is our commitment to the novelty of the content. Even though the internet is flooded with all kinds of content, we ensure that our presentation is the freshest. Essentially, our idea is to present your content uniquely and help you stand out among your peers.

– Please fill the form in the Contact us section(Hyperlink). Our team will contact you and explain the different products and offerings. We will then prepare a customized plan according to your needs and budgets and share it for concurrence and purchase agreement.

– The plan is then executed according to the agreed deliverable(s).

Spread the word about us