Ugaoo: How to set up your beautiful home garden

Ugaoo: How to set up your beautiful home garden

December 14, 2020
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Much of the urban population wish to grow plants, build farmhouses and use land owned for farming and Ugaao helps achieve this dream. Ugaoo is an offshoot of 130-year old company, Namdeo Umaji Agritech Pvt. Ltd which is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company and been working for Indian farmers for generations.

Founded in 2015, Ugaoo is a team of horticultural and supply chain experts who are providing quality products and credible knowledge to the farming and gardening enthusiasts in India. The Ugaao portal caters to the requirements of gardeners, urban farmers, horticulturists, architects, site architects, interior decorators, and even rural large-scale farmers in India.Their mission is to make the world greener, home by home and change the landscape of the planet.

Sowing Seeds of Sustainability

Plants are not only living and breathing additions to homes but also improving air quality, reducing stress and noise pollution. Also, with more and more people migrating to cities urban farming has become essential to meet our food needs. Ugaoo aims to promote sustainability and help grow our own food by providing good quality seeds and runs a dedicated urban farming program call ‘Own Grown‘.

Products Offered by Ugaoo

– The Ugaao online platform sells gardening equipments and conducts informative discussions based on topics related to gardening and farming.

-It offers the best range of gardening supplies such like vegetable garden seeds, commercial hybrid seeds, various sorts of garden tools, lawn mowers and garden machinery, pots, gardening accessories, soil substrates, insecticides, pesticides and organic fertilizers.

-The listing includes 1600 varieties of products including seeds, pots, books, pesticides, the portal now offers more than 2000 varieties of organic seeds and 500 varieties of commercial hybrid seeds. has also launched a new category of Live Plants, and will add more than 100 fresh plants each month.

-The weekly gardening workshops currently being run in Pune and Mumbai raise awareness of products and gardening approaches.

Value Proposition of Ugaao

The plants that are listed on the portal are grown under expert guidance in a state-of-art nursery to ensure that the plant that is delivered as per the details mentioned on the website. The support desk manned by horticulture experts answer every question that the customers have to ensure that the journey ahead is smooth for the gardening enthusiasts.

With the upcoming launch of the Ugaoo app, the start-up intends to tap the prospective customers in tier II and III cities who are active users of portal and apps. Moving forward, the company plans to develop an online farmer community where they can connect and exchange information related to good farming practices. With a strong delivery network and convenient payment options, Ugaoo aims to reach out to the farthest corners of the nation so that everyone can take steps to make the planet more greener.

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