Krimanshi: Nutrition Rich Feed for animals is absolutely guaranteed

Krimanshi: Nutrition Rich Feed for animals is absolutely guaranteed

December 27, 2020
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Founded in 2015, Krimanshi is employed in animal feed production, primarily in dairy, and is bringing modernization by establishing a new supply chain for alternative ingredients in the animal nutrition sector. Krimanshi is trying to bring a deeper understanding of animal nutrition, chemistry and biotechnology and is dedicated to reducing the feed costs while guaranteeing better quality feeds to livestock farmers.


Animal feed sector has always been an underserved market and has not witnessed any new innovation in the past. Quality and affordability seldom go hand in hand and hence most dairy farmers are not able to not get their hands on the best of the products. With demand increasing day by day it is expected that the agricultural systems will be served to almost 9 billion people by the year 2050. With limited resources to spare, growing food for livestock will become a further added burden that cannot be managed.

Since the feed raw material market is highly volatile and falls on the expensive side, there is an increasing need to use substitute resources and develop cost-effective solutions to feed a vast livestock population. Parallelly, seeing the high consumption of food and allied products, the Government too identifies and stresses on the need to utilize Agro waste to create value as well as employment.


Krimanshi is transforming the innovation-stagnant Indian feed sector by creating a new value chain around unconventional feed inputs to produce natural high nutrition feeds. Krimanshi focuses on providing better nourishment to farm animals and is gearing up and working to explore and inaugurate new feed raw materials from food surplus, residues and wastes.

Krimanshi has built profitable nutritive feed solutions for milch animals all-round the year by upcycling food excess. It is further growing into poultry and aquafeeds. The company is well equipped to provide solutions to feed the burgeoning livestock population in the country.

Key Benefits/ Value Proposition:

· The company has a wider economic, social and environmental impact, with farmers reporting up to 20 percent increase in milk production.

· It transforms Agri and food waste into nutritious cattle which results in saving of CO2 emission.

· It helps in creating new jobs by establishing unconventional feed ingredients supply chains.

· Krimanshi’s primary users have stated over 20% increase in milk yield and fat and SNF%.

· Farmers are earning $30 extra monthly with quality produce.

· Farmers saving up to 70% expense on vet care and thereby maintaining better health.

· Tonnes of poisonous emission saved from entering the environment using the company’s techniques.

Looking Ahead

The start-up is expanding production capacities across Rajasthan and Karnataka and would also cater to the feed market in Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra and North East. The fresh capital is being used to set up feed production plants, venture into poultry and fish segment and scale-up food and Agri waste upcycling capacity. There is also a focus on building a strong sales team and distributor network in Rajasthan and Karnataka and digitizing feed transactions. Read more on

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Mr. Nikhil Bohra

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Rajasthan Capital Venture Fund, AIM smart city, Startup Oasis, CIIE.CO, Villgro


Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

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