ZappFresh: Now track your meat from farm to fork

ZappFresh: Now track your meat from farm to fork

December 9, 2020
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Urbanization, increasing disposable incomes and changing food habits in India is resulting in increasing inclination towards poultry and meat products. Since the options to procure fresh meat for the urban population are very few, the online meat selling platforms like ZappFresh are coming up on the horizon. Need for extra protein intake, preference of fresh and hygienic meat has given rise to this form of business, which has better supply chain management aided by technological interventions than the offline options.

ZappFresh is a technology platform that guarantees healthy meat which is fresh, hygienic and free of chemicals. The company sources their meat from farms in and around Delhi / NCR and conducts regular quality checks and inspections to maintain high quality standards.

Challenge that ZappFresh is solving

A convenient access to high quality, genuine avenues to source good quality products are unavailable to many consumers in cities and metros. The meat from local suppliers and shops comes from animals that are raised under unhygienic, appalling conditions. Animals in these places and slaughterhouses are administered antibiotics to cover infections and later the meat is laced with preservatives to boost shelf life.

From declining nutritional value of animal feeds, unethical breeding practices, the challenges of the livestock agriculture and meat production industry in India are hindering it to sufficiently provide food globally. To be able to meet the rising consumer demand and the arrival of modern food processing technology, there has been rise in use of carcinogens, and harmful preservatives. The rampant use of chemicals on meat products pose a severe threat to the health of the consumers and hence there is a definite need for the new age startups to completely map the life cycle of livestock.

Products offered by ZappFresh

Customers have a variety of options that range over 40 unique items, including whole chicken, turkey and duck, mutton and pork, tropical meats like quail, and pre-cooked items like chicken popcorn, kebabs, marinated barbecue pieces and a variety of cold cuts like sausages, ham and salami.

Along with fresh meat and premium seafood, the company also serves ready-to-eats and marinated meals. The meat delivered and used in the meals is 100% chemical , antibiotic and hormone-free and sourced and from farmers who raise their livestock in a hygienic and humane environment.

ZappFresh’s value proposition

The core values of the company lies in providing nourishing, healthy food for the consumers. They have set very high standards for themselves and the company operates under FSSAI guidelines in addition to being a 9001:2008 and Halal Certified company.

ZappFresh eliminates all intermediaries and brings the freshest meat straight from hygienic farms, supplied through their efficient delivery network. The fresh meat products are delivered in less than two hours through a technology enabled end-to-end cold chain supply that guarantees farm freshness and zero contamination.

The company provides complete traceability from the farm to fork, thereby ensuring high quality standards for procurement of meat. Every product is carefully handpicked by food technologists and is sourced from high quality supervised farms that are equipped with latest technologies to monitor healthy growth of animals.

ZappFresh partners with India’s leading cold chain operators to guarantee a preservative-free and completely fresh meat from the farm to the kitchen table. Meat products are air-chilled with zero water absorption technology after slaughter to prevent bacterial growth.

Future Plans

Based out of Gurgaon, ZappFresh is now planning to expand to five other cities in the next few years. The online meat store plans to raise fresh capital to expand its operations in more cities, multiply its workforce and invest in latest technology.

It aims to redefine local fish and-meat markets and increase its products offerings under the ready to cook and ready to eat sections which are majorly preferred by young generation.

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Food, Meat and Beverage Solutions.


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SIDBI Venture Capital.


Gurgaon, Haryana.

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