Seed Agritech: Curtailing the Excesses of Middlemen and  Connecting Farmers to Direct Market

Seed Agritech: Curtailing the Excesses of Middlemen and Connecting Farmers to Direct Market

January 6, 2021
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Seed Agritech Private Limited is a Private incorporated on 29 May 2019. It is classified as Non-government  company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Ernakulam. Its authorized share capital is Rs. 200,000 and  its paid up capital is Rs. 200,000. It is involved in Wholesale of agricultural raw material, live animals, food  beverages and tobacco. 


The farmers and final consumers of the produce are so far removed from each other, that both fail to benefit from the sale of produce. The farmer does not receive an ample return for his produce and the consumer suffers in terms of quality. This happens because of an abundance of middlemen in the supply chain who profit the most from this transaction. Therefore, there is a need to bring the two parties to a common platform. As agriculture is the largest sector and contributes to about 17% of the GDP, there needs to an untangling of the supply chain so “quality produce gets paid off.”


As a team of professionals with a real-time experience, Seed Agritech has realized the stumbling blocks within the agricultural industry. With a vision to bridge the gap between farmers and consumers the company, Seed Agritech was established. This company was set up with the objective of Social, Environmental and Economic  Development empowering the farming community by eradicating the middlemen and directly sourcing the produce from the farmers and giving them a global opportunity for marketing theirs produces, as well as making sure that the consumer gets a quality product. 

Value Proposition and Key Differentiator of Seed Agritech 

Empowerment and Technical Support: Seed Agritech is responsible for training sessions on organic cultivation for farmers thereby promoting sustainable farming activities. 

Awareness Programs: Seed Agritech promotes organic farming through awareness programmes in order to phase out pesticide use which is a big threat to the local biodiversity. 

Capacity Building Workshops: The startup hosts dedicated workshop sessions involving farmer communities from various parts of the country to create an intelligent platform for the exchange of ideas. ∙ Process Support: The company provides continual support to develop basic adherence to sets of international organic standards thereby increasing the scale and scope of farming. 

Sales and Marketing Support: Seed Agritech helps to extend market support for farmers to take their  products to the domestic and global market and grabbing new audiences. 

Quality Service: With a philosophy of producing high-quality farm foods, the startup offers crystal-clear  traceability in the processing of products. 

Looking Ahead: 

In the years to come, SEED Agritech is planning to expand their field activities into seed spices across the central portion of India and the company will offer Technical support for post-harvesting processes in North-Eastern regions. The company also has a mission-2020 project which is aimed at establishing an extensive organic processing factory allowing product traceability for consumers. SEED Agritech is also making plans to enter the retail market of pesticide-free spices in the coming days. Learn more at

Agriculture Startup

SEED Agritech Private Limited

Founded In

2015 but incorporated in 2019


Mr. Praveen Varier and Mr. Bobby Devarajan

Solution Overview

SEED Agritech is promoted by a team of experienced professionals & farmers with  proven experience in the field of spices. The company’s products have a unique farm to  kitchen traceability and ensure organic integrity, purity and consistent quality. We  empower the farming community with guidance and support for pesticide free cultivation  as well as provide them a global platform for selling their produces and by the way ensure  them better income and quality of life. SEED Agritech is working with various primary Agri co-operative societies, NGO’s and  individual farmers across the country. Our Major Farmer cluster is based in Kerala state  and spread across the Western Ghats tropical region which covers 8 districts and farming  spices like Black/Green Pepper, Turmeric, Dry Ginger,Nutmeg,Clove, Cardamom and  Cinnamon. We also have a Joint Venture Backward Integration Operation in seed spices  at Central region of India and produces all seed spices, namely Cumin, Fennel,Mustard,  Dill seed and Fenugreek.


Self-Funded / Unknown


T.C 3/2603, Pattom PO, Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala 695004, India 383,,VENJARAM MOODU,VENJARAM MOODU, Kunnathery Thikavu, Aluva,  Ernakulam-695607, Kerala, India SEED Agritech, 1st Floor, S.B Eshal Complex, Pulinchode Jn., Aluva, Ernakulam Dist.  683101 Kerala State, India

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