AgroConnect: Now trade  Crop Care products online

AgroConnect: Now trade Crop Care products online

December 9, 2020
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About AgroConnect

AgroConnect is a website responsible for providing a venue for buyers and sellers to solicit business. This trading platform is part of an effort to eliminate existing inefficiencies in the procurement, pricing, and distribution of products and services in the Crop Care Industry. The portal is an online portal for trading globally from the convenience of office or home or farm without any additional cost.

This platform would help bridge the gap between buyers and sellers. Buyers will not be paying extra for products, and a monopoly cannot be established. Farmers will be able to procure products at a reasonable rate as more options would be available and the involvement of middlemen would decrease substantially. It additionally provides necessary trading insights, industry news, and business opportunities in the AgriTech field. The website tries to offers a holistic product and service in the Crop Care segment.


  • Trading – Offers are posted and enquires can be made on said offers. This facilitates easy exchange of products. Crop Care products are now a click away.
  • Services – Help in the registration process, online trading do’s and other tools provided. The website guides you through the entire process, informs you of online etiquette and offers some additional tools. These services help smoothen the process of purchase.
  • News –  Keep yourself updated with the latest industry news while shopping for products, you can browse through the latest articles and understand the latest transformations in the industry.
  • Talking Point – Online discussion with others, exchange of ideas and opportunities. This flow of ideas would lead to the establishment of contacts which would lead to long term growth opportunities.

Benefits of using AgroConnect:

  • Access to a wide range of Crop Care products and its intermediates. The market was previously restricted to a few products, an online portal opens up the gates to more exciting products.
  • Verified trade offers from around the world. The geography is also not restricted anymore, you now have access to various types of Crop Care products which are available throughout the world.
  • 24-hour, 7-days a week customer service. You can exchange, buy, sell or read at your own convenience and take action accordingly.
  • Availability of registration and other support services from experienced personnel. There are additional services available. You will no get lost on the portal.
  • One-stop for news on the latest Crop Care industry trends and product news. The portal serves as the ultimate destination for all your Crop Care needs.

How are they different? is the Internet’s first global crop care exchange for products related to the crop care and protection industry. It is an online medium where prominent industry players can find partners, solutions to existing problems, negotiate prevailing prices and finally make purchase decisions for crop care products.


There exists complete anonymity between buyer and seller in accordance with AgroConnect’s policy. The online trading platform is built on a huge database of offers and enquiries. 

Buyers put up enquiries to buy a specific product and list out their requirements (e.g.; price, shipping, payment terms, quantity). The enquiry stays on the trading platform until a seller makes an offer to sell the product, matching or listing out their own terms. 

Sellers put up offers to sell a specific product and list out their requirements (e.g.; price, shipping, payment terms, quantity). The offer stays on the trading platform until a buyer makes a bid to buy the product, matching or listing out their own requirements.  

The website does not take any responsibility over the quality, authenticity and accuracy of the product listing.  

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A trading portal designated for crop protection products.


Indira Singh – Co-Founder 
Nancy Goyal – Co-Founder 
Devendar Ahluwalia – Co-Founder 
Abhishek Goyal – Co-Founder

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Gurgaon, India 

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