AgriBazaar: Creating a level playing field for small farmers

AgriBazaar: Creating a level playing field for small farmers

December 9, 2020
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Agribazaar is transforming the agri value chain through technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) and Drones. This online platform was created in 2016 to connect farmers, traders, banks, enterprises and governments and enable digital access to a wider marketplace. AgriBazaar’s operating model comprises of a three pronged strategy:

-Apply cutting edge and open source technologies to transform the agri value chain

-Innovate to offer customised and tailor made solutions for farmers’ unmet needs

-Build a large ecosystem to enable the widest possible access to their platform

Challenge: How to address needs of small farmers

Agriculture accounts for roughly 47% of our workforce that feeds 1.3 Bn population of the country yet this occupation has never been profitable for poor farmers. Small farm owners face challenges disproportionate to their size and resources and they need to operate with significantly less overheads and do away with hidden inefficiencies. To increase farmers incomes improvements in the productivity and efficiency of the agriculture sector is mandatorily required , particularly at small farm-owners level . Technology providers mainly focus on the needs of large businesses and their focus on small farm owners is yet to be seen.

Agribazaar is trying to bridge this fundamental gap by creating next generation agri-tech solutions for those facing the greatest need. The intent is to completely digitise the agri value chain thereby increasing traceability, transparency and visibility at all levels for the poor farmer.

We’re doing what others don’t, putting the power in small farmowners’ hands with technology

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Solution: Next Generation Platforms covering entire Agri Value chain

AgriBazaar offers end to end services such as Agri Buying, Agri Selling, Financing, Crop Advisory, Farm Inputs, Warehousing, Logistics and Agri-Trading.

Buying– Easy-to-use platform is designed to allow buyers to directly negotiate with farmers and realise higher transparency in their supply chain. The platform offers transparent end-to-end settlement options for both buyers and sellers.

Selling- Farmers can create their own trade terms and directly negotiate with buyers without intermediaries and can achieve better profits.

Financing– All-in-one agricultural solution offering simple and easy access to settlements and credit to the agricultural community. Through Agribazaar app, farmers can avail financial products of a wide range of banks and NBFCs as per their needs and convenience.

Crop Advisory- Agribazaar has developed advanced technologies to offer real-time crop advisory to farmers. Leveraging Big Data, Satellite-based crop acreage and Artificial Intelligence solutions they offer real-time farming advice, yield prediction reports and actionable insights on crop quality, pest infestations and plant diseases etc.

Quality Testing- Agribazaar’s testing procedures are devised to analyse the quality of commodities with extreme accuracy and provide digital copy of QC reports with the farmers. Farmers can opt for laboratories of their choice, check quotations and select the best one that suits their requirements.

Warehousing and Logistics solutions- End-to-end logistics services from direct sourcing to warehousing and ensuring timely delivery at distribution centres.

Future Outlook

Agribazaar is empowering farmers by delivering efficiency, transparency and traceability in the agri value chain through technology. By registering with agri-tech platforms like these, the farmer community can attain their growth objectives Moreover, it can be an efficient solution to farmers’ several woes and add transparency and efficiency to the entire marketplace. Given these advancements in the farming space, agri-tech can be a newfound opportunity to bring back glory to Indian farmers and help them ramp up their contribution to India’s GDP.

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