Whyte Farms: Buy Organic Milk from a high Tech Farm

Whyte Farms: Buy Organic Milk from a high Tech Farm

December 27, 2020
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Do you need anything beyond Organic Milk, Ghee, Eggs and Freshly Baked Bread? Whyte Farms is an online portal running its operations in Delhi / NCR region of India and providing these 100% natural and quality certified products. The company’s research over the years has helped them to understand the customer’s need that many were desperately wishing to move towards a healthier way of eating, but there were limited options of supply. The founders worked around their passion for organic food and gave birth to tech-enabled platform Whyte Farms.

What gap is Whyte Farms addressing?

Most milk supplying farmers and dairy co-operative societies do not take care of the cattle the way it is supposed to be done owing to multiple factors. The feed, nutrition, living conditions, the health of the cattle etc. are maintained at low standards resulting in low quality of milk. Milk products are often laced with detergent, glucose, caustic soda, white paint and refined oil to meet the high demand of milk and milk products. Water is often used in the adulteration process to increase quantity.

In addition to these, the cattle are injected with growth hormones, antibiotics and fed diet that is low in nutritional value. There is a definite need for more private players to organize this supply chain and bring process improvements and efficiency in this sector while ensuring quality and affordable pricing.

Milking is an technology driven process

The business model of Whyte Farms is designed to provide quality, convenience and comfort right at your doorstep, same time every day. Whyte Farms are a healthier alternative for milk supply and runs its operations driven by technology like Milking Parlours, Cold Supply Chain and State of art processing plants. Their farms are spread over 25 acres and the land is able to accommodate more than 500 cows. The farm has comfortable barns with giant fans and high roofs to keep them cool during the summer, as well as imported sand.

Value Proposition from Whyte Farms:

·   They cattle are fed with organically grown greens and fodder made specifically for them at the farm itself. It is free from any kind of insecticide, pesticide and other chemicals.

·   Total Meal Ration (TMR) is a system of nourishing cows that combines all fodders, grains, protein feeds, minerals, vitamins and additives framed to a specific nutrient concentration into a single feed mix.

·   The farm taking into consideration active lifestyle of it’s cattle has acqried massage stations for it’s cattle.

·   There is no human touch as the machines ensure the most nutritious diet for a healthy rumination process and keep the cows fit and active in general.

·   The 2X6 Herringbone parlour, the most advanced milking machine is present at the farm. It understands the position of the cow, accounts the amount of milk delivered, and other data which it sends to the main terminal The machines can milk approximately twelve cows in under eight minutes. The cows walk into the parlour and are milked mechanically by the machines.

·   While other cooling technology in India takes hours to cool the milk, the PHE does the job in seconds, providing more efficiency. It’s chilled at 4 degree Celsius and the process destroys bacteria instantly and is crucial in maintaining milk quality & taste.

·   The fresh pasteurized milk is delivered to homes within hours of milking. Their cold-chain delivery process guarantees that the milk is good to the last drop after it reaches the consumer.

The Way Ahead

Priced at Rs 75 per litre, the start-up only supplies to the Delhi-NCR region currently and expects to introduce the service to households in Noida as well. In the next three months, the start-up hopes to supply paneer (fresh cottage cheese) and curd as well. The company has reached 250 customers in the first year, the founders are happy with the pace as it takes into account the cattle’s milking cycle as well. Slowly, but steadily, its aim is to make a difference in Indian households, one bottle of milk at a time.

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