FlyBird: Fertigation Controllers bringing great savings to farmers

FlyBird: Fertigation Controllers bringing great savings to farmers

December 14, 2020
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Flybird Farm Innovations manufactures affordable and cutting-edge fertigation control systems to help farmers improve crop yield and increase production. This is a social initiative focused on helping farmers conserve water, control fertigation and also reduce electricity consumption. Established in the year 2013 at Bengaluru, the company has gradually attained a huge client base in the field for their most far-fetched quality products and incredible finishing at a very affordable cost.

Flybird is a social enterprise focused on helping farmers conserve water and control fertigation. They help farmers improve crop yield and increase production from their fields while reducing water and electricity consumption. They do this by making the most affordable and cutting edge irrigation control systems.

Solutions & Products offered by FlyBird:

Siri, automated precision irrigation and fertigation controller is a service offered by FlyBird Farm Innovations. It controls the water pump and pipe valves based on how one programs it. Here are few if its technical capabilities.

Timer based program: Siri irrigates the field for a fixed period.

Volume-based program: Siri irrigates the field with the exact amount of water specified.

Sensor-based program: Siri takes a decision as to how much & when to irrigate the field based on soil moisture/temperature levels and in greenhouses, as well as humidity. It automates the fertigation needs and can control up to five tanks independently as well as postpone irrigation if it detects rain.

The company provides multiple options for add-on modules and sensors which can be controlled remotely through the Siri Link web/mobile interface. Flybird Farms has come up with many other products using Siri Controller that have good use cases in Greenhouse controllers, Digital Motor Starters, Hydroponics Automation, Fertigation Controllers and Poultry Automation.

The company also provides a mobile app and Web-based controller, which is aimed to target the next level of farming. Irrigation and fertigation are controlled through mobiles with GSM technology. All the irrigation and fertigation data are available to the customers in a graphical representation. The key advantages of the app are the ability to remote control and monitor irrigation, fertigation, fogging and misting.

Why Choose FlyBird?

Flybird Farms smart fertigation system uses an innovative smart motor controller which provide capacity, productivity, increased performance, and security that is the mandatory requirement of high-density sensor networks. Smart motor controllers can connect devices and manage data for analytics which will form the basis of futuristic Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions in this field.

FlyBird Farm Innovations is committed to quality and teamwork to satisfy customers expectations by delivering customer-centric, innovative and reliable quality products and services on time, through continual improvements on Quality Management System (QMS). Their products are certified on ISO9001:2015 which is a testament of the fact that they take their quality benchmarks seriously.

Some of the aspects that keeps the company ahead in the race are:

-Prompt delivery

-Superior quality

-Best in terms of quality

Wide distribution network

Ethical business practices

The company promises 30% water savings, 10% – 15% increase in crop yield and 15% – 20% reduce in Agri Input.

Through Innovations and Affordable Technologies, FlyBird focuses on:

-Improving the Crop Yield / Production

-Conservation & Effective usage of Water and Electric Power

-Improvising the Livelihood of Farmers

-Integrating Affordable Technologies for Farmers

What’s ahead for FlyBird?

Their vision is to make every drop of water count. By producing affordable, simple & reliable irrigation controllers for every farmer – marginal to large – they aim to save water and energy. The company envisions to be the leader of smart irrigation systems that promote sustainability and conservation of natural resources. It plans on working towards manufacturing better cost-effective products to avail to the farmers.

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Fly Bird Farm Innovations

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Bengaluru, Karnataka

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