FIB-SOL: Empowering farmers by offering innovative solutions

FIB-SOL: Empowering farmers by offering innovative solutions

January 6, 2021
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Fib-Sol is a developer of nano-fiber technology and inputs intended for agriculture and health applications The company designs nanofiber platforms to create light-weight delivery formulations for agri-inputs such as biofertilizers, pesticides, and other plant growth stimulants, enabling clients to overcome challenges and shortcomings faced in farming, healthcare, and environmental domains. 

Challenges: Lack of inputs

∙ The expansion of organic farming is handicapped by the lack of stable and consistent agricultural inputs,  in particular bio-fertilizers. 

Solutions by FIB-SOL

∙ Fibsol develops eco-friendly products for agriculture as well as for healthcare. Currently, it has two products on the market: N-Sol-20 and N-Fib-20 which are both formulations aimed at organic farmers. The company uses nanofibers and advance nanofiber technology. In addition, the company also provides various services for compost, beverage, and food analysis. 


FIB-SOL has developed a patented nanofiber platform technology to provide light-weight, consistent, and stable biofertilizers. The technology also enables the delivery of a high payload of active ingredients in a stable form, thereby reducing the bulkiness and increasing the efficiency of biofertilizers. Along with logistics savings, it also helps to improve the yield and environmental footprint of farming. 

According to BuiltWith, FIB-SOL is actively using 31 technologies for its website. These include Viewport Meta,  IPhone / Mobile Compatible, and SSL by Default. FIB-SOL is ranked 3,070,338 among websites globally based on its 1,730 monthly web visitors. 

Value Proposition and Key Differentiator of FIB-SOL 

Ecofriendly: The range of products of Fib-Sol are environmentally friendly and do no harm to the natural ecosystem. 

Laboratory Services: The company provides analytical services for analyses of compost, beverage, and food. 

Improved Yield: Fib-Sol’s products help in increasing crop production using the organic farming technique. This enables farmers to make more money with increased profit margins. 

Soil Enrichment: The company’s products contain microbes that provide adequate nutrients and make the farmland more fertile. The biodegradable products also leave no harmful residue in the soil. 

Looking Ahead: 

FIB-SOL claims to be constantly innovating and building use cases for as many crops as possible to help other agri-formulators leveraging FIB-SOL technology for the delivery of their farm input formulations. It is looking to develop a B2C sales network for select crops to provide enough data to the platform for further R&D of products.  Moving forward, the startup also plans to develop new business models in the areas of agro-formulations,  nanomaterial synthesis and advanced materials. Backed by a six-member team, including the co-founders, FIB 

SOL intends to expand the team size and raise funds soon. Learn more at

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Solution  Overview

FIB-SOL aims to translate advanced material technologies from research to industry. They  design nanofiber platforms to create light-weight delivery formulations for agri-inputs  such bio-fertilizers, pesticides and other plant growth stimulants. To develop an innovative  and integrative research approach to offer technical solutions to burning problems in  agriculture and healthcare sector. The startup, which started selling its products in the  market last year, is generating revenue through direct sales of generic products embedded  in fibre matrices, and through developing these fibre formulations for other market players.  FIB-SOL’s revenues of around Rs 30,000-40,000 in the first three years came from  providing testing services.


Mrs. Kavitha Sairam and Mr. Anant Raheja


C-CAMP, AJ Ventures and Investments, Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance  Council (BIRAC), IITM Incubation Cell, Keiretsu Forum, M.M. Muthiah Research  Foundation, Kubos, Arun Jain and 16 others / $235K


03, A-2, IITM Bio-incubator, 3rd Floor, IIT Madras Research Park, Kanagam Rd,  Kanagam, Taramani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu Country: India Zip: 600113 

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