WayCool: Phy-gital business model for agriculture is here

WayCool: Phy-gital business model for agriculture is here

December 9, 2020
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Set up in July of 2015, WayCool Foods & Products Pvt. Ltd. is a rapidly growing Agri-Tech company which is a  food development and distribution services company positively impacting the lives of thousands of farmers. Their operations are spread across product sourcing, food processing, branding and marketing, last mile distribution, and farm inputs. WayCool’s products include daily essentials like rice, pulses, wheat flour, dairy, and other value added products. At present, the company processes over 350+ tonnes of food products per day, across 8,000 clients, and from a network of 40,000 farmers in more than 50 regions in India.

WayCool has embraced a tech-enabled supply chain approach, combining the physical and digital worlds for a “phy-gital” Agriculture business model. The company employs robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies to deliver value to the suppliers and clients.

Products and Services offered by WayCool

HORECA Solutions for B2B segment

Back end operations like ordering of multiple food categories can be outsourced and procurement aggregation can be done to reduce fixed costs helping businesses to focus on core kitchen and customer service operations. In order to simplify purchasing multiple product categories are sourced from a single player thereby reducing the number of deliveries to kitchens and time spent on vendor management. The products at WayCool are directly farm sourced and pass through the supply chains controlled by the company to the highest quality standards. Tech Enabled Vendor Management at WayCool is done by using its proprietary software to track fill rates, place orders, manage deliveries to all outlets, and gain a deeper understanding of food and plate costs.

Retail Solutions for B2C Segment:

Kirana / Provision stores can directly place orders for multiple product categories using a simple mobile application. Through WayCool’s mobile platform the local store owners can source rare products from around the world, package them in creative and eco-friendly ways to offer a unique experience to their end customers. Waycool offers technology like financial software, digital displays, billing systems, and auto fulfillment to help vendors  digitize their stores. WayCool offers traceability like seed and fertilizer data back to the farm level, through its platform for all the sourced products

Waycool’s Value Proposition

At the crux of the company, there lies a value for clients and suppliers and the need to understand their business needs. Through proper and diversified engagement, the company ensures the satisfaction of the customers. Deep and wide Sourcing available at WayCool offers a wide range of products from Fruits & Vegetables to Dairy to Staples, and other Kitchen essentials. The company has an average above 95% fill rates both on product line and quantity.

AI/ML based precision demand planning layered above everyday supply forecasts ensures that the deliveries are efficient and smooth. More than 20 quality checks, from right at the time of sourcing to the time they are inwarded are carried out in order to ensure that products delivered are of the highest quality.

The company works with a base of  more than 50,000 farmers and interacts with them through the entire cultivation cycle.  Waycool is using technology solutions to measure soil health, quality of inputs and yield strength and these vital information are helping in reducing the risk for farmers. My Soil App helps small and marginal farmers with soil health and nutrient management whereas Farm ERP plans sowing and harvesting in line with demands of WayCool customers. My Price App is a mobile application that creates a Farmer portal for bidding on price and quantity against demand.

Way Forward for WayCool

WayCool’s future plans include building solutions that would be more scalable, customized and tailored to each product and region. The company aims to build the world’s largest food development and distribution services company and progressively impacting the lives of millions of farmers in India. Becoming carbon negative and water positive are one of their key long-term goals and several initiatives have been taken in this direction.

Agriculture Start-up

WayCool Foods & Products Private Limited

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Solution Overview

HORECA Solutions
Retail Solutions


Karthik Jayaraman – President and Co-founder
Sanjay Dasari – Co-Founder and EVP

Investors / Funding

FMO- Entrepreneurial Development Bank


Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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