AGMarknet: Complete Agrimarket information is here

AGMarknet: Complete Agrimarket information is here

December 14, 2020
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AGMarknet is an initiative of Directorate of Marketing & Inspection (DMI), Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Government of India with technical assistance from the National Informatics Centre (NIC) and in affiliation with the State Agricultural Marketing Boards/Directorates and APMCs. The platform was set up to leverage the strength of information through a web-based approach and with the aim to benefit farmers of the entire nation. Its single-window e-governance approach is centrally facilitating the diffusion of information like market prices, schemes, problem analyzing, and solution-based approach, to the farmers who do not have access to it.

The AGMarknet portal also serves as an aggregrator for connecting with websites of various organisation engaged in Agricultural Marketing. The portal also provides weekly price trend report on major agricultural commodities that are traded in important markets. AGMarknet is also linked with the Online Exchange Portals for providing future and spot prices for important commodities. Through this portal one can access price trends of various agricultural commodities being traded internationally.

Challenge: The lack of information in the areas running low on literacy and awareness.

In a country like India, where most farmers fall into the category of low literacy index, it remains a challenge to culminate the information and disseminate it across the nation. Pacing its momentum towards the empowerment of farmers, the level of understanding, and overcoming the basic bottleneck is a task in need of attention.

To spread awareness and orient farmers to respond to new challenges in agriculture by using IT as a platform is required. Also, for improving efficacy of information dissemination regular training and models for reaching region- specific farmers in their local language needs to be focused upon. There is a strong need to create robust marketing practices and platforms for good marketing research to also generate market information that has utility for farmers. All this can happen when the information and feedback flows upwards from the ground level.

Solution: AGMarknet offers a single-window platform for farmers

AGMarknet’s objective is to collect, analyse and share market information to the farmers, traders, policy makers and all the other stakeholders in agri value chain. They are covering more than 3200 markets and 2700 markets are regularly reporting real time data at Agmarknet portal. The scheme covers more than 350 commodities and 2000 varieties of them.

With 1800+ wholesale market connected to the portal of AGMarknet, it has given farmers multiple options to choose the price that suits them. Few other value adds like Market Profiles, Research Studies, Grades and standards of commodities and companies involved in contract farming, is present on the portal.

There salient features of this portal are as follows:

-Established a Nation-wide market information Network.

– Facilitating collection, dissemination of information and data for its efficient and timely utilization.

-Providing Market related information

-Providing Price related information

-Providing Agriculture Infrastructure related information

-Providing Supply and demand related information

Key Benefits under the e-governance of AGMarknet

-This web-portal is enhancing efficiency in agricultural marketing by impeding the language barrier and regular training in the local language.

-With daily market prices displayed on the AGMarknet, it has made farmers aware of the actual prices of their commodities and chooses the right price amongst the multiple options.

-Making the farmers self independent and aware through the schemes driving their interests, this portal is improving the lives of farmers in India.

-Reducing the middleman, AGMarknet is reaching farmers and sensitizing them on the new challenges they face and is making them more responsive.

Looking Ahead

AGMarknet is working in the right direction and with its mission to provide information access to every farmer of the country, it is certain that Agriculture in India will be a turnaround story in the next few years.

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Agricultural Marketing Information Network

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National Informatics Centre (NIC)

Solution Overview

AGMarknet is a web-based portal offering the farmers an open platform to sell their commodities on the wholesale market at the cost they find pertinent. Using the internet as a mode of information sharing, AGMarknet has sensitized the new challenges gaining momentum for farmers and made them adopt a strategic and solution-based approach towards it.


Union Ministry of Agriculture


Directorate of Marketing & Inspection (DMI), A-Block, CGO Complex, NH-IV, Faridabad (Haryana) - 121001

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