Urdhvam: Water is life and we will remind you

Urdhvam: Water is life and we will remind you

December 27, 2020
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Urdhvam Environmental Technologies Pvt Ltd is a new age company that has come up with innovative products for groundwater conservation to help build a sustainable environment. More than 90 percent of groundwater in India is used for irrigation and agriculture. Also, the entire population depends on groundwater for both drinking and other uses. Groundwater levels are declining across borewells in India and the studies show statistically significant trends, continuous decline by more than 1 meter per year in most cases.

Farmers in dry areas, or areas with scanty rainfall, depend heavily on groundwater for irrigation. The Indian government subsidizes the farmers’ electric pumps and does not limit the volumes of groundwater they can extract, creating a widespread pattern of excessive water use and wastage.

Urdhvam’s vision is to develop disruptive and most innovative products which help nature recharge ground-water resources and promote environmental sustainability. They are working on the need to provide every citizen access to constant and clean potable water.

Challenge that Urdhvam is trying to solve

Since the entire country relies on groundwater for its agricultural, domestic and drinking water supply there is a constant need to extract water from natural sources. There are more than 45 million groundwater abstraction wells and borewells in India that are extracting groundwater at an alarming pace. Borewells are dug deeper to be able to supply water for a longer period of time and that can only happen when they reach deep aquifers that are hundreds of feet below the surface. Rainwater restocks surface water but cannot adequately recharge deeper aquifers hence groundwater levels are dipping increasingly resulting in drying up of borewell.

Borewells are speedily drying up in India, impacting the entire population. Groundwater depletion is a root cause of many issues such as farmer suicides, loss of agriculture manufacture and income, fluoride & water quality-related deadly illnesses, loss of green cover etc. Unregulated pumping of groundwater without any harvesting of rainwater leads to borewells going dry and failing ultimately.

Solution that Urdhvam offers

Urdhvam Technologies has launched an innovative product BoreCharger, that aids to harvest rainwater from shallow aquifers and transfer it to deeper confined aquifers that are the source of borewell water. The company offers end to end sustainable solutions including consulting, design, execution and commissioning of water conservation projects. The company provides various other services such as Groundwater Mapping, Roof Top Rain Water Harvesting, Watershed Implementation, Training & Capacity Building as well as GIS mapping.

BoreCharger is a smart rainwater harvesting method that improves rainwater recharge rate of a borewell by 2 to 20 times, quantum by 4 to 60 Lakh Litres and increases durability by 1 to 6 months along with the water quality. BoreCharger makes the borewell more sustainable by boosting the deeper aquifers effortlessly.

BoreCharging recovers existing, unsuccessful and low yielding wells & this process does not require civil construction, space and surface water source. This innovative technique converts any current borewell from “Abstraction Only” structure to “Recharge” structure at an affordable price within a few hours.

Value Proposition of Urdhvam

The company has carried out 550+ projects in 7 States in India & Overseas thereby positively impacting the lives of thousands of people. BoreCharger has possibly recharged more than 44Cr Litres of rainwater. Urdhvam provides services that result in:

·        Improvement in soil health and moisture content

·        Decrease in salination of soil due to better water quality

·        Reduced vulnerability of farmers on weather shocks

·        Enhanced irrigation & drinking water quantity & quality

·       Better farm yield productivity, production and farm income

·        Reduced requirement for tanker water supply and water treatment for urban inhabitants

·        Improved well-being of consumers due to lesser dissolved salts, fluorides, etc. in the drinking water

Urdhvam also conducts scientific studies of the aquifers through aquifer mapping, pumping trials, recharge trials and borehole logging. Based on the scientific data, catchment treatment, conveyance, filtration, storage and usage strategies are framed for the most effective and efficient groundwater recharge. To recharge groundwater, the company designs watersheds that are structured and located according to the hydrogeological considerations.

Future ahead for Urdhvam

The company is challenging conventional thinking and using science and technology to drive positive change in the lives of communities with their groundwater conservation efforts. Their innovative products are driving environmental sustainability and building a future where water will not be a scarcity.

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