NETAFIM: Helping Build a Sustainable Future with Precision Irrigation

NETAFIM: Helping Build a Sustainable Future with Precision Irrigation

January 24, 2021
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Starting in 1965, Netafim is the international front-runner in precision irrigation for building a sustainable future. Netafim brings ground-breaking, custom solutions to millions of farmers ranging from small landholders to large-scale agricultural producers spread across more than 110 countries. Netafim India is a solely owned subsidiary of Netafim. The company offers an extensive range of micro-irrigation, greenhouse, and farm automation solutions. Netafim Irrigation Systems is functioning effectively on more than 17 lakh acres of land across varied Agro-climate in the country, appropriate for a wide range of crops.


Water scarcity in India is expected to worsen as the overall population is expected to increase to 1.6 billion by the year 2050. Water scarcity due to exhausting natural water resources, along with water pollution, has turned into a critical fear for Indians subsequently in the past few decades. India has been steady with an average of 0.12% of the loss of arable land every year which could become a major challenge, bearing in mind the rise in food demand in the following years.

By 2050, the world will require to double its food manufacture. In order to keep up with the growing demand, the farmers will need twice the quantity of water and arable land. Therefore, our farmers need a solution that transforms the way they function and do agriculture.


Precision Irrigation is one state-of-the-art technique that uses water prudently and helps farmers accomplish higher levels of crop production in a nominal amount of water. Netafim’s innovative products are planned to increase accuracy, control, and consistency which is motivated by the specific needs of farmers from around the world.

The company offers products for every type of crop fields like row crops, horticultural crops, and protected crops. It also delivers a wide range of sprinklers, drippers, dripper lines, micro sprinklers, special emitters, and plenty more products that are customized to fit the requirements of the customer. Netafim India avails widespread agronomical, design, after-sales care, and Agri-extension amenities to guarantee sustainable success to over 6 lakh farming relations.

Netafim’s system comprises of three elements:
– Monitoring: All crop-related data
– Optimization: Cloud-based system that processes data and gives recommendations.
– Control and Delivery: Once the farmer gives the go-ahead, the system translates the recommendations into a fertigation and irrigation program that is delivered to the field using their precise drippers.

Key Benefits/Value Proposition

-Precision fertigation brings nutrients straight to the roots of each plant, in tailored combinations, with perfect timing. 

-Netafim’s precision irrigation helps employ every inch of land by bringing a larger area under the irrigation precinct.

-There is a higher consistency in the quality of yields. Impactful water savings is noticed as there is zero evaporation, runoff, or wastage. 

-Drip irrigation works uniformly in any topography and soil type and therefore utilizes 100 percent of the land. Drip irrigation works on low pressure thereby saving energy. 

-There is efficient use of fertilizer and crop protection without leaching.

-As it is less dependent on weather, there is increased stability with reduced risks. It provides high availability of water and nutrition for the crops tailored to their needs.

-It creates better soil aeration and zero saturation. 

-As there is no excessive use of fertilizers, high salinity is avoided. Elimination of any type of fungal disease for plants could result from the wetting of foliage.

Looking Ahead

Netafim India launched FlexNet – mainline and sub-mainline piping – for above and below-ground drip irrigation systems in the month of November 2020. The multi-faceted piping solution can be utilized for any type of rabi, Kharif, vegetables, cucurbits, or other crop categories that use drip irrigation in the row beds. With the launch of FlexNet, the company intends to cover 1 lakh hectares of land under irrigation and connect with 50,000 farmers in the forthcoming year. Read more on

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Vadodara, Gujarat.

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