Sickle Innovations: Custom Made Farm Equipment now at your doorstep

Sickle Innovations: Custom Made Farm Equipment now at your doorstep

January 6, 2021
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Sickle Innovations is a farming solution company with a core focus on improving conventional farming practices through design intervention. The company works closely with farming communities to identify the problems and challenges facing the agricultural sector and offer innovative solutions. Using a product efficiently and effectively would help save on effort and time of farmers all over the country. A design thinking led approach would help solve long-standing problems in the sickle industry.

Sickle Innovations’ design approach is  human centered and the company is committed to maintaining the highest standards in evolving comprehensively field tested design prototypes. The company currently markets its products under three registered brands which include:  

HECTARE – Hand tools and low powered equipment (such as mango picker, apple picker, apricot picker, Neem  fruit harvester, seabuckthorn harvester, solar trap, transplanter, weeding tools and saffron dryer) are sold under  this brand. 

MARSH HARRIER – Machine vision based grading solutions which are low cost are completely designed, developed and marketed through this brand. 

ESHET EILON – Sickle Innovations partners with this brand from Israel to serve the market of large industrial  packhouse automation, advanced grading and sorting solutions. 

Challenge solved: 

∙ Dwindling crop harvests 

∙ Increased labour costs 

∙ Severe labour attrition. 


∙ Sickle Innovations works around the problems being faced by the farming community and develops products based on those identified problems. It is for this reason that the company has a diversified  product portfolio. 


Sickle Innovations uses 13 technology products and services including HTML5, Google Analytics, and jQuery, according to G2 Stack. The company is actively using 31 technologies for its website, according to BuiltWith.  Among these include Viewport Meta, IPhone / Mobile Compatible, and SPF. 

The company recently launched a harvester for mango and apple, dryer with weight based drying mechanism for  saffron, and light trap for vegetables. 

Value Proposition and Key Differentiator of Sickle Innovations 

Adroit team of professionals: The company’s team are a group of product designers and technocrats.  Average age of the team is 27 years with cumulative experience of more than 30 years.

Transparent dealings: Sickle Innovations deals honestly with high sense of integrity with the varied clientele and aims to provide maximum transparency.

Positive records: The company keeps good records of farmers for the purpose of continuous improvement  of farming operations through research and development. 

Well-equipped warehouse: Sickle Innovations has a well-equipped warehouse to meet the needs and  requirements of customers. This speeds up the delivery process, as a shortage in inventory would lead to a much longer waiting period.

Customized options: Products and services are made customizable to meet the specific needs of customers. Each farmer farms different products, has different arm strength and style. Hence it is important for each farmer to feel included and catered to.

Affordable price structure: Products and services are customer centric and as such solutions are tailored  to meet the specific needs of customers. More so, flexible payment structures are also provided by the  company. Price is a pain point for the Indian farmer, making an affordable product will help serve a larger bandwidth of the sector.

Wide distribution network: The company has a wide distributor network covering most parts of India. Owing to it’s wide network, farmers at remote areas can be targeted and their lives can be made easier.

Prompt delivery: Sickle Innovations assures product and service delivery once orders are placed by  customers. This speeds up the entire process, improving working conditions much faster.

Looking Ahead: 

Sickle Innovations aims to attain sustainable growth and make remarkable impact on farmers. The company also  intends to expand its clientele to serve other geographies. Learn more at:

Agriculture Startup

Sickle Innovations Private Limited

Founded In



Mr. Nitin Gupta, Mr. Vinay Reddy and Mr. Malik Kumar

Solution Overview

Sickle Innovations is a farm mechanization company that designs and manufactures  innovative farm equipment based on user needs using design thinking approach. The  company has deployed and designed more novel farm equipment through a wide  distribution network. The equipments are used by more than 15,000 farmers spread across  most of India. Sickle innovations manufactures mechanical devices that help in the pre harvesting stage. These machines range from fruit harvesters, weed removers and seed  transplanters. These tools are indispensable to farming operations being that they increase  farmer profit margins either by reducing labour costs or ensuring that the quality of the  harvested crop are top notch thereby increasing its value in the market. The leadership  team of the company has rich experience in product research and development as well as  farming development of over a decade. Sickle Innovations has advisors with numerous  years of experience in design, strategy and planning.


Mahindra finance, CIIE | Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship, Village  Capital, TAKE Solutions and Indian Institute of Science / $31.9K.


CIIE building, IIMA New Campus, Vastrapur. 380015 Ahmedabad India

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