Oxen Farm Solutions: Creating Tech enabled opportunities

Oxen Farm Solutions: Creating Tech enabled opportunities

January 24, 2021
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Oxen Farm Solutions offers access to advanced technologies using a technology enabled, resourceful and pay per use model. The company has a variety of services comprising of crop residue administration, land groundwork, planting, crop management, harvesting and post-harvest processing.


Uneven access to modern technologies, smaller landholdings, fluctuating labour supply or increase in labour cost, and reduction in profit are some of the most common reasons for the reduction in agricultural productivity in India. Thus there is a need to solve the labour crunch in the farming sector through large scale mechanisation.


Oxen Farm provides cutting-edge advanced technology solutions to farmers at a resourceful and pay per use ‘Farming as a Service’ (FaaS) model. It is similar to Ola and Uber services. Essentially, Oxen is bringing all the stakeholders — farmers, the farm equipment manufacturers, and therefore the government policies — on one single platform. Through its easy-to-use mobile application, Oxen Farm enables the farmer to meet their requirements for crop cultivation. The machine owner after receiving demand knowledge, can rent their services to the farmer through a reasonable and transparent price mechanism.

Key Benefits/ Value Proposition

-The company lessens labour costs by up to 50 percent for the farmers which makes the company popular among the farmers leading to minimal effort in sales and marketing.

-By means of IoT, Oxen Farm collects information from sensors in machinery and produces valuable data pertaining to machinery performance.

-It uses satellite imagery and big data analysis to analyse crop health, track progress and information regarding current harvesting.

-It also provides mobile-enabled solutions to grasp crop data in order to help the farmer harvest the correct crop suitable for a particular piece of land.

-Through their data-focussed tech-enabled FaaS enterprise, they prepare the farmer with a decision support system that consists of climate-related analysis.

-Use of sharing-economy model leads to reducing the cost of harvesting by half — Rs 1,800 per acre as opposed to the cost of manual harvesting which cost approximately Rs 4,200.

-By mechanising the operations, Oxen Farm is reducing the time occupied — from field to store or markets — as sixty hours of labour-intensive work can be accomplished in one hour through machines.

-Oxen Farm also intends to encourage the local youth and women to take up micro-entrepreneurship by training them in skilled and semi-skilled procedures.

-Oxen Farm has launched its first mobile application ‘Kombine‘ that supports a machinery owner and the farmer measures their farm area precisely.

Looking Ahead

Oxen Farm Solutions provides access to advanced technologies in a tech enabled, efficient and pay per use model across a range of services which include crop residue management, land preparation, planting, crop management, harvesting and post-harvest processing. The startup brings innovation and advanced technology to farmers at an efficient and pay per use ‘Farming as a Service’ (FaaS) model, similar to the Ola and Uber services. Through its easy to use interface in the form of a mobile-based application, Oxen enables the farmer to place their requirements for crop cultivation. The machine owner receives the information and rents their services to the farmer through an affordable and transparent price mechanism.

Oxen Farm Solutions currently operates in five states, namely Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Odisha. There are plans to expand the FaaS part of the business by adding more geographies, services, and machines. The company has reaped over five crops across 8,000 acres of lands, associated with 5,000 farming families and have operated across three states. It has accomplished the highest capacity utilisation aspect when compared to any competitors, besides building the tech from the ground up.

Oxen Farm Solutions is now gearing up for next-level scale up in terms of tech and market. It is also working on applying GIS-driven machine learning to analyse terabytes of high-resolution satellite imagery.

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