SFarmsIndia: Now buy and sell Agricultural Land Online

SFarmsIndia: Now buy and sell Agricultural Land Online

January 6, 2021
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SFarmsIndia is India’s first Agricultural Land Marketplace for the purchase and sale of Agricultural lands, Eco farms and Estate lands. The company allows the sellers to list their agricultural land for sale or lease on their platform thereby allowing numerous buyers to search agri property listings and contact the seller directly for buying. Similarly land developers can list or post their small farms for sale and estate owners can list or post coffee plantation, coconut, tea, rubber, cashew, areca nut, cocoa and oil palm estate for sale or lease.

Problems that SFarmsIndia is trying to solve

At present, there is no liquidity platform to buy/sell agri lands as most of the existing realty portals are  focused on listing urban properties or houses/flats. The entire market is untapped and most transactions happen through agents reaping massive commissions and margins. Here are few other challenges in this segment:

– No Access to affordable land for the purpose of agriculture 

– Increased cost of land and risk of fraud due to third party interference 

-In India, farmers and agri realty developers face difficulties in selling the agri lands due to lack of liquidity.  Apart from this, the present trend is that high net worth individuals (HNIs) are considering agri land  investment as an alternative asset but are facing difficulty finding/searching agri lands.

-The middle income  group also intends to buy agri lands but are not able to do so due to lack of financing facilities. The market  size of agri lands is estimated at around $15 Billion. 

Solutions offered by SFarmsIndia 

To solve these problems and tap the market, SFarmsIndia – India’s First Agri Land Marketplace has created a  liquidity platform to buy/sell agricultural lands, estate lands, eco farms, and small farms. SFarmsIndia is an online  web application with two core functions; Agri land listing and land fraction trading. These two functions work  together creating a great synergy. 

Listing Platform: On the listing platform, buyers can find/search agriculture lands and sellers can list/post the  agriculture lands for sale/lease. It creates a liquidity for buying and selling of agri lands. Based on the land type and functionality, SFarmsIndia categorize the lands into four types as follows: 

1. Agri Lands – Agriculture Lands, Non-Cultivated Lands and Fruit Farmlands 

2. Estate Lands – Coffee, Tea and Rubber Estate Lands 

3. Eco Farms- Ecological Sustainable Farms and Farmhouses  

4. Small Farms- Cooperative farms and Group farms 

Fraction Trading Platform: In the Fraction Trading Platform, agri lands are divided into smallest tradable  fractions. The sellers/agri reality developers can liquidate their big land parcels by means of these fractions. Each  agri land is assigned with a digital contract and divided into 2000 fractions per acre. The buyers are flexible to  buy the fractions. This enables medium to small income groups to acquire lands easily. 

Value Proposition and Key Differentiator of SFarms India 

Agri Lands: SFarmsIndia enables land/property owners list their Agricultural land for sale or lease. This  affords numerous buyers the opportunity to search agri property listings and contact land/property owners directly for buying.

Third-Party Elimination: SFarmsIndia employs up-to-date technological trends to ensure that farmers  and non-farmers experience total transparency in the system without involving a third party. By doing so,  the company hopes to demonstrate respect for employees and clients alike. 

Estate Lands: With SFarmsIndia, estate owners can list or post coffee plantation, coconut, tea, rubber,  cashew, areca nut, cocoa and oil palm estate for sale or lease. 

Seamless Platform: The company employs professionals from different fields and with diverse  experience to boost the confidence of clients in dealing with professionals. The entire team at SFarmsIndia  works tirelessly to ensure that creative and innovative ideas are developed to ensure success and efficiency  in the agri land realty. 

Eco Farms: Eco Farms are ecologically sustainable farms. With SFarmsIndia, developers can list or post  their eco farms for sale or lease and the potential buyers can buy directly. 

Rock-solid Infrastructure: SFarmsIndia has an impressive infrastructure in place to ensure that the  transactions between farmers, buyers and realtors go smoothly. One of the primary reasons for this is that  it provides for an exchange of information across this platform. A strategic infrastructure reduces the  inconsistencies and communication barriers that may occur exists in the SFarmsIndia platform,  establishing cross-functional and interpersonal communications. 

Small Farms: The company provides the simplest way of bringing buyers and land developers together  with small farms. Land developers can list or post their small farms for sale on the SFarmsIndia Platform. 

SFarmsIndia portal has increased its foot print to 17 States with 4.5K listings, 17K SignUps and 130K Portal views.

Looking Ahead: 

Although SFarmsIndia has recorded tremendous success so far, in the years to come, SFarmsIndia aims to become  a one-stop-shop for everyone interested in the agricultural land realty. This brand will continue to improve every  aspect, and this will not stop until all clients have been on boarded and are adequately served.

Learn more at:  https://sfarmsindia.com/

Agriculture Startup

Sfarms India

Founded In



Mr. Kamesh Mupparaju and Mr. Linus Lindgren

Solution Overview

SFarmsIndia is the first Agricultural Land Marketplace in India. It was established for the  sole purpose of enabling farmers and non-farmers alike to discover, buy, and sell  agricultural lands, eco farms, small farms, and estate lands. The company has continually  achieved its ultimate goal of reaching client satisfaction and building buyer’s trust from  inception. The transformation of wastelands into rich, valuable land for farmers to cultivate by  selling small farms is supported at SFarmsIndia. The company’s team takes pleasure in  knowing that all clients are pleased with its services. This is evident in the various success  stories and client reviews the company gets daily from various clients. Aside from buying and selling agricultural lands, eco farms, small farms, and estate lands,  SFarmsIndia is also involved in acting as a bridge between agricultural realtors and  various buyers all over India. The company efficiently bridges this gap by creating a peer to-peer marketplace where transactions can be processed with groundbreaking, smart  property mechanisms. The SFarmsIndia platform effectively caters to farmers and  agricultural landowners because technological and farming experience is incorporated in  the service rendered to ensure that clients are happy, satisfied and fulfilled with met needs and surpassed expectations.


Linus Lindgren / $50K


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