Thanos: Drones will spray seeds in farms now

Thanos: Drones will spray seeds in farms now

January 24, 2021
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Thanos Technologies focuses mostly on sUAS or Small Unmanned Aerial Systems and offering path breaking solutions to traditional problems by means of drones. The firm started off in 2016 with Aerial Surveying solutions but did not enter the market with no product differentiation by providing the same set of Aerial Platforms and Data Processing softwares.

They, instead, decided to innovate the Aerial Platforms and offer solutions based on their own R&D. This led to structuring of 3 core solution areas – Automation, Intelligence and Transportation. Using an integrated platform of Hardware and Software platforms, Thanos is redefining services which are catered by terrestrial solutions.

Challenge being solved by Thanos

In spite of the huge technological developments made in several sectors in India, agriculture still lags behind in implementation of technology. While there are number of AgriTechs businesses that have started offering innovative solutions by way of farm mechanization, precision agriculture, smart farming tools etc., there is scope for a lot more improvement and adoption. 

The task of agriculture is extremely demanding in nature and needs constant engagement right from sowing to harvesting. In addition to this, the problem of diminishing manual labour makes it tough to administer agri inputs like seeds, fertilisers and agrochemicals in the farms. Farmers find it very tough to manage the entire crop cycle efficiently and timely.

Solution by Thanos Technologies

Agriculture is a very important sector where Thanos technologies is operating and offering its innovative Aerial Automation products and solutions. Spraying Drones is among the key product offerings that has the capability to transform farming in the long term. These flying gadgets give rise to the possibility of decreasing farmers’ reliance on diminishing manual labour and also helps in cutting down the health related threats associated with manual spraying of chemicals and fertilizers. Owing to in-house abilities, there are a series of services the company delivers related to drones/UAVs.

Thanos builds custom drones for Payload Delivery, Surveying, Spraying applications, etc. and has worked with bodies such as IIT Hyderabad and Tata Consultancy Services to build the aerial platforms required for research or advanced applications. Their most successful product is the 10 Litre Agricultural Spraying Drone SYENA-Q10.  Their team also provides drone repair services an an after sales offering to its customers.

The company started demonstrations of spraying drones in order to build market around the product and help in adoption of the new technology. Over the years they have worked with 50+ individual farmers and demonstrated successfully spraying over 500+ acres. They have also worked with few international Agri-chemical corporations to use their product as a part of their demo. The company’s service is available in two models namely “per acre model” and “per day rental model”

Intelligence is another domain where Thanos drones are making the most advances. Their drones are equipped with various kinds of visual and non-visual sensors that can provide inputs that weren’t previously accessible. Agricultural Mapping and Land Record Mapping are good use cases where drones can help with on Intelligence front. For e.g. an NDVI Map can show the Vegetative and Non-Vegetative areas in a local geography by stitching together 100+ images and applying NDVI algorithm.

Value proposition by Thanos

-Technological Modifications to an Agricultural Spraying Drone can allow one to automate Seeding, Granular Fertilizer applications and more.

-Factors such as battery size, flight time, ease of conveyance and time to spray are looked into while customizing drones for particular usages.

-The company has spraying drones of various capacities – 5 Litres, 10 Litres and 15 Litres.

-Transportation of food and other important supplies during natural disasters can be carried out through drones.

– Spraying drones can meet not only agricultural necessities but also also help in city pest control (mosquito spraying) and decontamination spraying.

Future Outlook

For the time being the company will continue to market and distribute the core products such as Spraying Drones for Dispersal activities in Agriculture, Urban Pest Control, Forestry and related areas as well as Surveillance/Surveying.

Agriculture Start-up

Thanos Technologies Private Limited.

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Pesticide Spray Solutions.


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