Otipy: Ultimate Effective Supply chain bridge from farm to plate

Otipy: Ultimate Effective Supply chain bridge from farm to plate

January 6, 2021
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Otipy is an emerging Indian startup and the social commerce venture of farm-to-fork agri-tech startup Crofarm.  The platform aims to connect farmers directly to their customers through online channels and vice versa. The goal  of the platform is to provide fresh produce directly from the farm, using something called demand harvesting. By  using AI-based demand prediction tools, the platform collects historical data to predict the demand for products.  This is then used to procure just the right amount of produce, facilitating on-demand harvesting, and thereby  ensuring delivery of fresh produce on the same day. Moreover, this also precludes the wastage of food items. 

Otipy: Main Challenge

∙ Access to fresh high quality fruits and vegetables 


∙ Otipy offers fresh fruits and vegetables sourced directly from farms. 


Otipy is actively using 16 technologies for its website, according to BuiltWith. These include Viewport Meta,  IPhone / Mobile Compatible, and SSL by Default. It is ranked 4,392,614 among websites globally based on  its 907 monthly web visitors. 

The company uses AI-based demand prediction tool, to collect historical data to procure the produce, facilitates  on-demand harvesting, thus ensuring delivery of fresh produce on the same day. Through popular messaging  application – WhatsApp, the platform interacts with and serve consumers while keeping the overall transaction  fully transparent at every step. It delivers on its business objectives in four key steps which are as follows: 

1. Farmer: Harvest as per confirmed demand 

2. Warehouse: Goods receipt, over-night packing and dispatch 

3. Partner: Early morning receipt of farm fresh produce, immediate dispatch to consumer 4. Consumer: Freshest produce, Hygienically packed … Safe to Eat! 

Value Proposition and Key Differentiator of Otipy 

Very Safe: The company ensures that the farm produce are responsibly grown and hygienically packed.

Super Fresh: Otipy assures customers of getting their orders from farm-to-home in 12 hours.

Patriotism: Otipy’s solutions support farmers in India to gain easy access to market and enable them to concentrate more on farming which is their specialization thereby intensify their efforts and make more  money with increased profit margins. 

Looking Ahead 

The company has built a robust platform in the fresh produce category in the past year supporting over 2,500 women and  stores as resellers. The company has witnessing a phenomenal response from customers in Delhi NCR. Otipy aims to raise $10 million this year to expand its presence in the country. The company aims to empower more  resellers and further build its business across India. In the coming years, it will expand its platform to add  other categories. It already launched specific dairy and grocery products on the platform. Learn more at:  https://www.otipy.com/

Agriculture Startup

Crofarm Agriproducts Private Limited

Founded In



Mr. Varun Khurana and Mr. Prashant Jain

Solution Overview

Otipy is a community-based platform that helps connect consumers, resellers and farmers for bringing fresh produce to doorstep. The biggest benefit for customers is that once the order is placed by the customer, the items are picked from the farm, delivered overnight and in customers’ hands by morning.


Smile Group and Inflection Point Ventures. / $2M


Plot Number 73, 3rd Floor, Pratap Nagar Delhi, India 110064 Crofarm 37. Arjun Marg. DLF Phase 1, Sector 26 Gurugram, Haryana, India 122002

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