Samunnati: Famer Producer Organizations now know what technology is

Samunnati: Famer Producer Organizations now know what technology is

January 24, 2021
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Samunnati helps Farmer Producer Organisations across the country meet the supply of markets. Samunnati is facilitating an ecosystem that can provide solutions for smallholder farmers and increase the productivity and sustainability of Agri value chains. Their goal is to provide direct market access to marginal farmers and small agribusinesses through direct linkages, financial intermediation, and advisory services, empowering farmers and expanding agribusinesses.

Samunnati lays emphasis both on Financial and Non Financial solutions for the agriculture industry. Their financial solutions are developed with the assumption that a Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) has a range of needs for which an end-to-end solution is needed, such as loans, infrastructure, business linkages, technology, and some personalised solutions. Their Non Financial solutions cover a wide spectrum of programs like promoting financial literacy, improve technology adoption, create market awareness, enable data digitization,set up help desks and training centers as well.

Samunnati Products & Solutions

For Farmer Producer Organisations

Procuring good farm inputs like seeds, fertilizers, chemicals etc is important to the production process. Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) are assisted by Samunatti in purchasing inputs in bulk and at wholesale prices. With Samunnati’s support, FPOs can now easily control participants, output purchases, and demand using the most up-to-date agricultural technologies. Samunnati collaborates with FPOs to form production capacities using the most up-to-date farming technologies in order to supply foreign markets.

Samunnati agrees that growing earnings cannot be the only metric for gauging a farmer’s success. Samunnati delivers instruction in a number of fields, including scenario analysis and market strategy, as well as agricultural finance awareness and disaster preparedness. They also tend to enhance logistics and, as a result, the size of production. A key thrust of their effort goes towards setting up of centres for excellence to educate and promote new farming techniques and modern technologies in agriculture.

For Agri enterprises

Agri enterprises include all companies that offer goods and services related to agricultural materials, production, transportation, distribution, and marketing, as well as related industries such as animal husbandry, fisheries, poultry, and forestry. There are for-profit companies that have solutions that address the demands of agricultural supply chains.

Samunnati brings in a path-breaking approach to agrarian lending by offering customized solutions, both financial and non-financial. Traditional agricultural loan goods are asset-backed, inflexible, parameterized, and often struggle to assess the risk parameters of value chain players. Samunnati provides financial options by exploiting the commodity of sales as well as the current buyer-seller partnerships.

Key Solution Benefits

Samunnati’s financial and non financial products and services brings small farmers into the formal financial system while optimising their costs and improving their farming practices thereby contributing to amplified output, enhanced incomes, and better-quality market reach.

-The team has empowered communities and farmers, aided agricultural ecosystems to find self-sufficiency while making trade and agricultural finance a clear-cut experience for all value chain players.

-A cash-flow based approach is taken, and solutions are planned to meet the the end goals of the farmers, FPO’s and Agri enterprises.

-Risk is alleviated by covering the entire value chain in which any initiative is functioning, rather than resulting in a transaction-based approach. Samunnati takes up powerful customer engagement model to decrease the risk further.

Future outlook

Samunnati is partnering with Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs), which include Community Based Organizations (CBOs) on the supply side and Agri-Enterprises (AEs) on the demand side of the value chain, to become an agriculture ecosystem enabler. In contrast to previous years, Samunnati has collaborated with over 450 AEs, FPOs, and CBOs, and their scope has extended to Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh.

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