Nu-genes: Promoting Access to High Quality Genetically  Modified Crop Seeds

Nu-genes: Promoting Access to High Quality Genetically Modified Crop Seeds

January 6, 2021
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Nu-genes Pvt. Ltd.-formerly known as Nitya Seed Sciences Pvt. Ltd was brought into existence by the strong determination of a group of technocrats with several years of accumulated experience in the seed industry, to set up a value-based, research-driven, and customer-oriented organization. More than two decades of real exposure of the Managing Director to the nationwide seed markets has given the company the strength and confidence to assess the needs, formulate strategies & implement the same to satisfy the end customer-the farmer.

The company’s unassuming, unpretentious and down-to-earth approach has won the trust of several channel members across the country. With the right combination of product, quality, and service Nu-genes looks forward to greater strides. The company’s research team is led by a scientist with nearly 30 years of experience and exposure to practical plant breeding technologies.

It has been the endeavor of Nu-genes to meet the specific requirements of the farmers without leaving any stone unturned to deliver the tailor-made products to customers. The company’s current focus in research is on field crops (such as pearl millet, maize, sorghum, and paddy) and vegetable crops (such as tomato, chili, okra, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, and watermelon). 

Nu Genes’ seed production and processing team are led by a senior director with more than 30 years of experience.  The company has the infrastructure within and outside it that is required to enable it to supply quality seeds. Nu  Genes can identify the resource person in the form of organizers at about 15 locations in the southern and central states of India, servicing around 3000 acres of seed production area, to strengthen the company’s supply base.  The required infrastructure 50,000 ft storage space, seed processing machinery of 14 T/hour capacity, seed testing lab, biotechnology lab, and a poly-house to handle GM crops are already in place. 

Nu-genes: Challenge solved 

∙ Lack of improved breeds of field and vegetable crops 

∙ Lack of transparency in settling distributor accounts. 

∙ Inaccessibility to seeds of top notch quality 

Nu-genes: Cutting-edge solution

Nu-genes is a company engaged in hybrid development, seed production, seed processing, and seed marketing.  It focuses on the research of crops like pearl millet, maize, sorghum, and paddy in field crops and tomato, chili,  okra, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, and watermelon in vegetable crops. 

Technology intervention: Nu-genes

Nu Genes are actively using 9 technologies for its website, according to BuiltWith. These include Viewport Meta,  IPhone / Mobile Compatible, and SPF. 

Nu Genes enjoys the trust of 1200 distributors and 4000 dealers across the country in 12 states. The company is operating in the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Maharastra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat,  Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Chattisgarh. The company has a highly qualified and experienced sales and marketing team operating across the country. They act as a bridge between the company and the end customer – the farmer.

The front-line marketing team works in close association with the farmers, understands their requirements, educates them about the various products, helps them take a beneficial decision, and ensures the timely availability of the seed at the sales point. The team also provides constant support to the dealers and distributors. They ensure the availability of stocks indented by the trade and mobilize the customers through personal contacts and advertisements to the retail point. 

Value Proposition and Key Differentiator 

Quality Attributes: Nu Genes with the clear quality policy in mind, gives top priority to various quality  attributes which are as follows: 

o Physical purity 

o Uniform Size 

o Free from insect damage 

o Free from seed borne diseases 

o Genetic purity 

o Seed viability 

o Seed vigour 

Climate Change Adaptation: The seeds offered by Nu-Genes have stress tolerance, which is focused on climate change adaptation in Asia and other tropical regions. It offers seed products in cereal, vegetable, and grain crops. 

Transfer of technological innovations to the farmers: Nu-Genes conducts field demonstrations and invites progressive farmers of the locality to demonstrate to them the benefits of the improved variety  (new products), better management practices and various plant protection measures.

Excellent Customer Service: With the help of the customer care service, Nu Genes always stand by the farmer to support him to the core in handling the rare problems like poor germination and underperformance of the product in stress situations, which mostly arise due to the biological nature of the seed material and its interaction with the environment. The company guides the farmer all through from sowing to harvesting providing them with the appropriate after-sale- service. 

Transparency: Nu-Genes is known for fair and transparent practices in the market and is one of the few companies that properly settle the accounts of every distributor at the end of every sales season. 

Looking Ahead

Nu-Genes aims to expand its presence and take its agriculture-based product offerings to an international level. The company also looks forward to exploring the drought-resistant capabilities of crops such as cereals,  vegetables, and grain crops in order to transform the raw produce into market-ready nutritious products thereby increasing the incomes and standards of living of farmers in India. Learn more from

Agriculture Startup

Nu Genes Pvt. Ltd.

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Mr. Narayana Reddy Punyala, Mr. Raghupathi Reddy Kotla, Mr, Siva Rama Krishna  Reddy Veerabhadra, Mr. Venu Prasad Rao Chennadi and Mr. Narasimaha Reddy  Chandupatlla

Solution Overview

Nu Genes Pvt. Ltd., Formerly known as “Nitya seed sciences Pvt. Ltd. is a seed company  engaged in hybrid development, seed production, seed processing and seed marketing. The  company produces a wide range of products which include Raw Maize, Sunflower, Pearl  Millet (Bajra), Hot Pepper, Hybrid Tomato and Bitter Gourd.


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