Hamari Krishi Innovations: How to raise Aeroponic and Hydroponic Farms

Hamari Krishi Innovations: How to raise Aeroponic and Hydroponic Farms

January 6, 2021
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Hamari Krishi Innovations aims to create a healthier and a cleaner environment in Rural and  Urban developing economies by facilitating growing organic food, in their home as well as in their farms.

Their mission is to Promote outdoor and indoor commercial farming by using Aeroponic (Growing in Air) and Hydroponic (Soil less farming) systems. Use of these newer technologies will not only save water, electricity, but also improve soil fertility and produce pure organic food.
The company also provides agri consulting to setup vertical farms and also produces its own organic fruits, vegetables and herbs under the brand name ‘Hamari Krishi’.

Challenge being solved by Hamari Krishi

The inability to grow organic food in limited space conditions is a big bottleneck for promoting organic farming. Organic farming usually requires much larger space than conventional farming which uses inorganic fertilizers to increase productivity and yield. Over the years there has been an increased awareness to eat healthy food by exploring options to eat organically grown food. Modern farmers, however, are often unable to scale up farm production for organic foods due to limited space conditions. In urban areas it is not possible for everyone to grow crops in soil by owning a farm land and this is another challenge that needs to be solved.

Solution by Hamari Krishi

Innovations around aeroponic and hydroponic farming systems  accomplishes this mission of promoting outdoor and indoor commercial farming in rural and urban areas. Non Soil Agricultural techniques provide modern farming a viable alternate to increase their harvest for a given farm land. These advanced techniques not only increase the produce by 3-5 times but also decrease pesticides, fertilizers and  water usage from 50-80%.

Hamari Krishi empowers modern as well as conventional farmers to use the above techniques to grow throughout the year by using a Polyhouse-Green House Structure , Aeroponics Agriculture ( Growing in the Air), Hydroponic Nutrients , Water , Electricity and labour to do farming. 

Uniqueness of Hamari Krishi Solutions 

– Aeroponic System is an innovative way of growing plants, vegetables, small fruits and herbs in a controlled environment. This environment can be created in any indoor facility such as office, Commercial Establishments, Schools etc and outdoor facilities like Glasshouse for commercial applications

– The system can be customized to a number of sizes depending on the number of plants it can grow. It can grow a limited number of plants in an indoor home environment whereas a larger number can be grown on a commercial scale. 

– The system requires very limited agricultural inputs such as water and electricity and provides a better yield  in lesser time and that too Organic. 

– Hydroponics is a technique of growing vegetables and plants in the water when the roots are submerged in water mixed with nutrients required by the plant to grow. This Soil less farming solves the challenge of owning the farm land and can be used to produce harvest for the entire year.

In Aeroponics the roots are sprayed with Mist, Fog and water with nutrients getting added at regular intervals. In this technique, the roots grow in Air till they are long enough to be submerged in Hydroton layer.  

– In Less space you can grow more vegetables 

– Less labor intensive 

– No pesticides used when done in a closed set up. 

Production is more as compared to soil as soil borne diseases are not present. 

– Usage of fertilizers also reduces drastically as compared to soil 

Future Outlook

With Aeroponics Technology, one can grow all of the daily requirements of fresh greens, herbs in our balcony, roof tops  and garden area. Basil, Oregano, Thyme, Spinach, Strawberry, Coriander, Mint etc can be conveniently in small kitchen gardens. For an average family, 2-3 units of these advanced systems can give supply of fresh vegetables perenially.

Hamari Krishi Innovations is looking at expanding their reach geographically and increasing their customer database. The way consciousness about eating healthy food is growing in India, the company’s products and services are expected to find lots of traction in years to come.

Agriculture Startup

Hamari Krishi Innovations

Founded In



Mr. Abhishek Sharma and Mr. Jalesh Arya

Solution Overview

Hamari Krishi Innovations creates a healthier, cleaner  environment for the coming generation by facilitating  growing organic food, in their home as well as in their  farms using Aeroponic and Hydroponic farming  technologies.


Jhotwada Industrial Area, Jhotwada, Jaipur, Rajasthan  302005, IN

For more information on the latest developments in the Agritech space visit our page focusagritech.com

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