Miklens Bio : Breakthrough Techniques Of Enriching Soil To Improve Yield

Miklens Bio : Breakthrough Techniques Of Enriching Soil To Improve Yield

January 6, 2021
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Miklens Bio Pvt Ltd develops products that boost agricultural yield, while keeping human health and  environmental sustainability in mind. The company. 


Soil degradation and a host of other attendant problems due to dreadful farming practices 

The agricultural ecosystem is plagued by a host of problems caused by pollution of water sources and indiscriminate use of chemical-based farming inputs (such as pesticides and herbicides). This has brought about attendant consequences such as soil degradation, the buildup of resistance in older pest species, attacks by new pests and diseases, low farm yield, increased costs of production, lowered profit margins or losses and increased poverty levels among farmers. Soils affected by these poor farming practices have been rendered unsuitable for the purpose of farming. 

Miklens Bio Solution

Provision of natural soil enriching products that improve yield and profitability

Miklens Bio helps to reverse the effects of age-long ecological degradation of soil biota with its array of technologically superior products derived from microbial extracts. 

Sustainable Technology to improve yield with Milkens Bio

Miklens Bio believes in the philosophy of responsible agricultural practices and thus its products are derived from microbes, which are freely available in the environment. Micro-organisms live in a world of chemical signals.  Microbial bio-products represents an incredibly diverse array of chemistry. Over 25000 microbial bio-products have been reported in scientific literature, however, only 2% of these have ever been readily available to the wider research community. Most bio-products have only existed in small quantities in research laboratories and their biological activities have never been fully investigated except for some successful compounds used in the pharmaceutical industry. 

By using the fermentation technology, Miklens Bio has been able to purify the right compound from microbial sources which are effective against major pest and disease. Through research, Miklens Bio has been successful  in deriving nitrogen, phosphorous and potash elements through bio-engineering process that acts in  supplementing the nutritional requirement of the plant which till date is available only in synthetic form for large  scale consumption 

Key Differentiator and Uniqueness

Intense focus on research and development: The startup believes in using knowledge and expertise to innovate and create products that are the need of the moment. 

Good farmer relations: Miklens Bio makes informed decisions about research and development by connecting with farmers to understand their problems and how to better create products that meet their varying needs. This allows the company to market and distribute products more efficiently. 

Sustainability: Products are developed via the microbial route which helps in providing a sustainable edge to the society and the environment. The startup’s groundbreaking products are a boon for the farmers, consumers and other stakeholders benefitting the entire agri-value stream. They are safe,  biodegradable, residue-free, and cause no harm to the environment. 

Cost effective: The company’s products are natural and affordable with better efficacy, thus helping to  maintain the natural ecosystem. 

Quality: Miklens Bio products have been certified as “Approved Input for Organic Agriculture” by the  Control Union; a reputed certifying agency worldwide.”  

Looking Ahead

Miklens Bio has an advanced research and development laboratory cum incubation center in Bangalore with  researchers working on how creating more microbe based products that solve farmer problems. The company  aims at creating more innovative products that better enrich the soil and expand its product reach globally. Learn  more at: http://www.miklensbio.com

Agriculture Startup

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Mr. Santosh Nair

Solution Overview

Miklens Bio is a research-based agricultural company with focus on bio-agri inputs as its  principle business. Our expertise in developing novel products has made us capable to  serve our customers and stakeholders better by creating value in terms of returns. Our  products are the best alternatives to chemical fertilizers as they are reasonably priced  considering price sensitive Indian agriculture input industry, also helps in improving the  productivity of the crop along with its quality and eventually profitability of the farmer  community and the nation as a whole.


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