Bayer Crop Science: A Strong Research-driven initiatives in Agriculture

Bayer Crop Science: A Strong Research-driven initiatives in Agriculture

January 24, 2021
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Bayer Crop Science is a global initiative with core capabilities in the fields of health care, agriculture and high-tech polymer resources. As an innovation company, it sets movements in research-intensive zones. Bayer’s products and services are intended to benefit people and progress the quality of life. The Group aims to generate value through innovation, progress and high earning power. The Bayer Group in India incorporates the Crop Science and Pharmaceuticals divisions.

Challenges faced by Bayer Crop Science:

Crops face brutal struggle as they grow. Weeds contest for space and insects for their part while heat and drought add tension in the field. Meanwhile, just one outbreak of illness destroys an entire harvest. On the other hand, the increasing population is simultaneously faced with decreasing land availability. In addition to causing injury to the food and fibre crops in the field, pests also pose a trial to human well-being and property.

Products & Solutions:

Bayer is a market front-runner in the crop protection occupation in India. It functions in separate units namely Crop protection, Seeds and Environmental Science.

With the Crop protection unit, the company strives to help every inch of their fields flourish and stay strong. The provided Crop Protection activities attend six arenas namely Fungicides, Herbicides Insecticides, Seed Growth, Crop Efficiency and Plant Growth Regulator products. Their products for farm and companion animals are accomplished in the Animal Health business unit, which forms a portion of the Crop Science Division. Crop Protection / Seeds avails a broad range of high-value seeds along with innovative chemical and biological pest management solutions. It also provides an all-embracing customer service for contemporary and sustainable agriculture.

The company’s Seeds specialists put together knowledge from global webs of contemporaries and partners. They concentrate on agricultural crops, in specific – rice, corn, cotton, oilseeds (mustard), millet and vegetables. The product range of the Environmental Science business division in India is divided into Professional Pest Management and Vector Management and delivers sustainable solutions. Environmental Science focuses on non-agricultural applications, with a broad collection of pest control products and services for areas extending from the home and garden segment to forestry.

Key Benefits/ Value Proposition:

-Bayer has implemented a life-cycle approach that reports all major aspects of responsible product management from research, development and registration to branding and sales.

-It also includes handling and distribution aspects including empty product containers and product/waste disposal.

-The company’s product Stewardship events comprise extensive investment in protection testing of its products, the progress of improved packaging solutions and crop production systems, the advance of new technologies for improved seed varieties and the facility of support services to encourage responsible product use.

-Bayer delivers farmers the latest traits and technologies to support them to be more profitable on every acre. They help farmers find high performing seeds and technologies, while by means of fewer inputs.

-The company plays a major role in keeping consumer’s environments hygienic and beautiful through methods of safety and sustainability.


Bayer Crop Science India is focussed on the Make in India vision. On the seed side, Bayer has started building up noteworthy production capabilities to back global needs. They are constructing digital capabilities intended for small farmers. The company is assembling a team for Agri-tech in order to start testing models in India and take it to other parts of the world.

In places like Varanasi, the company has partnered with other players in the ecosystem to ensure that farmers’ income grows five to tenfold. Once such successful models are ready, they plan to showcase it as a way of uplifting the farmer community to the government. Building such value chain partnerships is where the company wishes to work towards in the future.

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