Dhanuka the producer of Quality Crop Protection Agrochemicals

Dhanuka the producer of Quality Crop Protection Agrochemicals

January 24, 2021
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Dhanuka Agritech Limited is among India’s chief agrochemical Companies. The company is listed by Forbes Magazine in the group of “200 Best under A Billion Companies in the Asia Pacific”. Dhanuka has three state-of-the-art industrial facilities in Rajasthan, Gujarat, and J&K with well-furnished Quality Testing Facilities. The R&D center is located at Gurgaon, which is recognized by the Ministry of Science & Technology for creating scientific data and assessment of new chemistry.

Dhanuka Agritech Limited with more than 150 registrations including Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides, and Plant Growth Regulators /Bio- Stimulants and with over 350 active SKUs has one of the most extensive market penetration in the Agrochemical Industry.

Dhanuka’s aspiration of “Transforming India through Agriculture” warrants the use of the best technologies from across the globe to be adopted by the Indian farming community.  Dhanuka has technical collaborations with Japanese, American, and European corporations that help the Company to introduce new chemistry.

Challenge Faced by Dhanuka

Poor-quality crop protection chemicals distress crops and efforts need to be taken to ensure that quality products are with no trouble accessible to farmers. There has been a widespread upsurge of low-quality agrochemical products across the nation which is damaging crops as well as upsetting the well-being of the farmers. In spite of using the lowest crop protection chemicals, India has appeared second in agriculture GDP. Quality crop protection products are the sustenance of farmers as they protect crops from harm by monitoring weeds, ailments, and insect pestilence.

Solutions offered by Dhanuka

The company, Dhanuka Agritech has one of the most widespread market penetrations in the Agrochemical Industry. It has more than 150 listings including Weedkillers, Pesticides, Antifungals, and Plant Growth Controllers /Bio- Stimulants and with over 350 active SKUs. Dhanuka has answers for all major crops grown in the country including cotton, paddy field, wheat, sugar cane, pulses, fruits & vegetables, homestead crops, and others. Dhanuka is known as one of the front-runners amid Indian Agrochemical Businesses in proprietary agrochemical product retail.

Key Benefits/ Value Proposition:

-The Company has established several Public-Private and Private-Private partnerships for agricultural extension projects which are fast-tracking the transfer of better-quality agriculture technology to the Indian agricultural community.

-The Company’s motivation is on marketing quality and ecological chemistry which observe with ICM/IPM and is nonviolent to human beings and advantageous to flora & fauna.

-Through its mission “Transforming India through Agriculture”, the company is stressing its method of DKKNT (Dhanuka Kheti Ki Nai Takneek), which is fixated on providing end-to-end farming solutions through training and providing education to farmers.

-Under this method, the company intends to curtail the crop fatalities and progress crop yield.

-Dhanuka Agritech is also dispensing safety kits to growers for personal safety and inspiring upright agricultural practices through their farmer’s assemblies and other plans.

-Dhanuka Agritech Limited (DAL) has been involved in a number of communal well-being programs under its CSR creativities to support the sustainable advancement of society.

-It endeavors to actively contribute to the social and economic progress of the society in which it functions by laying special importance on encouraging education, eradication of hunger, poverty, and malnutrition, management of water, distribution of water for agriculture, and human use.


Dhanuka expanded its business events and presence in Rajasthan and is targeting to increase its distributors and experts as the business has close to a 5 percent share in the Rajasthan market. The company is scheduling to add more members to staff in the market. In Rajasthan, the company employs 50 Agro experts (Dhanuka doctors) who recommend farmers on crop management and they are increasing this number to 80 soon. Besides, the firm has also invested in water harvesting units in numerous parts to profit farmers.

Agriculture Startup

Dhanuka Agritech

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