Future Farms: Making Hydroponics popular

Future Farms: Making Hydroponics popular

December 14, 2020
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Promoting precision farming with Hydroponics solutions

Future Farms is an agricultural start-up that uses Hydroponics technology to create opportunities for growing clean, nutritious, safe and pesticide-free food. The company provides a range of hydroponic growing systems, nutrients, accessories, media, and more. Their solutions are designed to allow everyone to understand and utilize the advantages of hydroponics – this includes beginners as well as professionals.

Future farms provide turnkey solutions for largescale precision farming projects – to individuals, companies, and governments. A comprehensive approach that includes consultancy services, farm design, hydroponic feasibility studies, agronomy training, and operation.

Future farms take pride in providing turnkey solutions for large scale precision farming projects that cater to companies, governments and even individuals. The firm takes a holistic approach and provides end to end solutions ranging from consultancy services, hydroponic feasibility studies, farm design, agronomy training, and farm operation.

Based in Chennai, they are the leading Climate Control & Hydroponic Solution provider working towards improving food quality and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Future Farms has a highly skilled and professional team that holds experience working on Greenhouse and Automation Technology Projects from countries like Thailand, UAE, and Germany.

Products & Services:

Increase in growth of vegetables and crop varieties in limited land space in urban regions is a problem faced and FutureFarm helps customers grow healthy and nutritious vegetables and leafy greens.

-Turnkey solutions for significant precision farming developments – to individuals, companies, as well as governments.

-An all-inclusive method that comprises of consultancy services, farm design, hydroponic feasibility studies, agronomy training, and operation.

Sustainable business prospects in producing leafy vegetables, vine crops, berries, licensed industrial hemp and a hi-tech nursery.

Future Farm’s Value Proposition:

FutureFarms is the leading Climate Control & Hydroponic Solution provider for Corporates across India.
Headquartered in Chennai, since 2014 FutureFarms has a highly skilled and professional team that has experience working on Greenhouse and Automation Technology Projects across the globe from Thailand, UAE, and Germany. 

The future farm’s turnkey solutions are unparalleled, from efficient installation to streamlined commissioning processes to superior input supplies and grower management, bringing the future of sustainable growth within your reach.

Technologies like Hydroponics are sustainable thereby reducing consumption of water, optimising space, and increasing yield as it grows crops without soil, using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. This solution ensures pesticide-free farming, making it a cleaner, greener Agri solution.

-Future Farm products follow standards similar to EU standards.

-Systems are lightweight and earth-free, thereby minimizing pesticides.

-Agronomy Support and Farm Operation Services.

-Unparalleled solutions, from efficient installation to streamlined commissioning developments to superior input supplies and grower management.

-Consistent, stable, and timely input supplies and support for growers.

-More than 50 Projects designed for small, medium, and large growers operating greenhouses, grow rooms, and protected cropping farms, with the best remote automation for any type of grow facility.

-To ensure constant delivery by their quality and innovation standards, the company has kept strong partnerships with the best in the precision & Controlled Environment Agriculture industry worldwide.

Reaching New Heights:

The company is now a multilevel stakeholder interaction for latest technology input – working with the Horticultural Department of Tamil Nadu as well as we’re involved with the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for aquaculture, its Tilapia fish centre located in Vijayawada.

Future Farms has begun growing 16 crop varieties, classified under English Exotic, Asian Exotic, and Indian Exotic, across 15 acres of land covering 10 states.

FutureFarms has arranged quarter-acre farms for Adani group in Bhuj, and a farmer in Kotagiri, who cultivates crisphead lettuce for McDonald’s.

Their online store Future Farms Urban lists Seeding and Germination Solutions, Hydroponics Systems, Plant Food and PH, EC instruments.

The team of dedicated engineers, project managers, and horticultural technology experts are working towards the shared vision of making the best technology in the world at a price that growers can afford.

Agriculture Startup

Future Farms

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Hydroponic and precision farm automation solutions.


Chennai, Tamil Nadi.

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