Krishitantra: Know your soil secrets in 30 minutes

Krishitantra: Know your soil secrets in 30 minutes

December 27, 2020
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Krishitantra started its journey in 2017 in the coastal belt of western India, in the temple city (Udupi) of Karnataka where a team of young engineers worked persistently to address the worldwide challenges impending over agriculture. Krishitantra is the result of their labour and efforts.

Krishitantra is providing sensor-based solutions for the farming sector. They endeavour to develop cutting edge technologies to address critical encounters faced by the agrarian community and help them harvest contentment. At Krishitantra, they believe in bringing farmers the best insights and advanced levels of understanding regarding the health of their soil.


We all know that soil is a key element of agriculture and a conclusive characteristic of farming. Third of earth’s soil is acutely deteriorated, partly due to industrial farming and lack of irresponsible practice by farmers. In characteristic foresight, where soil being the next disadvantaged resource obstructing food production, food safety, microbial reduction and ecological imbalance, team Krishitantra classified soil as the paramount of the agrarian predicament that needs full-blown attention.


At Krishitantra, the farmers are brought deep understanding and advanced levels of information regarding the health of their soil. The company’s automation finesse and engineering proficiency supported the team of Krishitantra to engineer the world’s best and affordable soil health testing solution. The company provides rapid IoT-based soil testing and soil nourishment advisory keys to farmers, farmer producer organisations (FPOs), and agribusiness stakeholders.

The company has developed an exceedingly transportable IoT device, branded as Krishi RASTAA, that creates soil test results within 30 minutes, exactly analysing macronutrients, micronutrients, pH, organic carbon, EC, and microbial counts. Based on the soil test results, crop-specific soil nutrition recommendations are routinely generated and directed to farmers.

Key Benefits/ Value Proposition

Nutrient imbalances in the living soil are recognized through our proprietary design, which employs an automated sequencing process to index and quantifies macro, micro and secondary nutrients in sync with time tested soil sampling methods. 

· The data obtained is instantly decoded and a comprehensive analysis is provided to the farmer at the same moment, through a mobile network, along with agronomic recommendations that can be tailored, suggesting various remedial measures to improve productivity and farmer well-being.

· Apart from soil sample groundwork, the entire process is completely automated. It can be run by anyone with basic school education and working knowledge of computers. So, technically qualified operators are not obligatory.

· The device is portable and it can be made accessible at any location, thus making it easily available to the farmers. It has been designed to function on electricity, solar and battery with requirements to use a monitor and 7” touch screen.

· This device delivers results in less than 30 minutes, where the test results are kept on the cloud and sent via SMS to the farmers.

· The cost per test is much cheaper than private labs as well in comparison to the Government of India labs.

· As the process is entirely automated, there is little room for human errors and simultaneous tests on the same device with the same soil sample have proved reliable.

Looking Ahead

The company believes it can have a major impact reducing GHG emissions while encouraging sustainable agriculture and soil preservation. Its clients include farmers, FPOs, agribusinesses, soil testing labs, and other agritech start-ups.

While presently focused on the Indian market, Krishitantra is gearing up to enter select Southeast Asian countries in the near future. They intend to use recent funding to expand operations across India, reaching lakhs of farmers and helping them realize increased profitability and sustainability via improved soil health. Read more on

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