Pennysworth Techno Farms (Sure Grow): Technology for  food security now and in the future

Pennysworth Techno Farms (Sure Grow): Technology for food security now and in the future

January 6, 2021
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Sure Grow provides turnkey solutions and consultancy services in Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Aquaponics,  Vertical Farming, Protected cultivation, indoor farming, farming under grow lights, climate-controlled farming, and Agricultural automation. The strength of the company is the capability to design, develop & integrate rather than just integrate powered by Team ‘Sure Grow’ and infusing the much-needed dynamism in this industry. The Company has been chosen among the 10 best Agritech startups in India in the year 2018.

The vision of the company is to become the best solution provider in the Soil-less farming Industry globally and to achieve a significant position in the world’s vegetative food produce.

The mission of the company is to be back-ended by strong R & D, provide sustainable, continuously evolving, and effective food growing solutions to benefit the global community significantly.

Sure Grow: Identified Challenges in Agriculture

∙ The adoption of modern technology in agriculture is challenging, as most of the innovation comes from developing countries. The Indian conditions, however, make it even more difficult or cumbersome for farmers to successfully implement them. 

∙ Leafy vegetables start losing their nutrients within 8-10 hours of harvesting. They aren’t like apples, which can be transported from Himachal Pradesh to Kanyakumari. So if one loses a day in transporting, by the  time they come to one’s dining table, they are just green without much nutrient value left in them 

Sure Grow: Intervention using Technology

Sure Grow, a subsidiary of Pennysworth Techno Farms Pvt. Ltd. utilizes state-of-the-art agriculture technologies for use by the common farmers. Most importantly, it is also involved in training and back-ending DIY (Do-it-Yourself) commercial installations by farmers, which is expected to result in immense cost savings and better returns on investment. 

Sure Grow, as a research-based company focuses on `Computerized soil-less Vertical Farming, ‘where it leverages on its in-house expertise and capabilities for design development and production, right from Computer Software to Polyhouse design. This Coimbatore-based Agritech startup has come a long way in the field of Hi-Tech farming.  It believes that the success of any project lies in the ‘Technical knowledge’ to handle any contingencies and the experts involving themselves, right from the planning phase until harvest.  

Today, Sure Grow offers a plethora of innovative farming techniques like hydroponics, aeroponic farms, urban farming solutions, and farm automation under one roof. The company ensures continuous improvement in terms of technology development and up gradation in order to deliver the best outcomes to clients and also keep the company ahead of the competition. Innovation and client centricity is at the heart of Sure Grow’s operation.

The company gives equal importance to Indian crops as well as exotic crops, offers simple solutions that have larger impact trains and supports its clients on a continuous basis, and automates processes by creating user-friendly interfaces, thereby minimizing human errors and reliability of projects. 

Looking Ahead 

Growing organically, the company has had a steady growth trajectory, since inception and plans to start direct operations in a few countries that have similar conditions like India. “So far, the company has been operating through its subsidiaries in these countries. The company aspires to grow fourfold in the present and coming financial year. Interestingly, through its in-house research and development team, it has identified highly profitable crops that will have an effective path to a steady and stern evolution.

The company is pushing towards `Total Organic Computerized Vertical Farming Solutions,’ as ‘Organic,’ which ensures the cleanest food and is commercially viable. Also, it is actively growing the quality of the workforce by supporting the clients to execute projects at the highest standards and is honing skilled professionals. Learn more at:

Agriculture Startup

Pennysworth Techno Farms Private Limited

Founded In



Coimbatore Viswanathan Nagendhiran and John Rolant Gini.

Solution Overview

Pennyworth Techno Farm owns the brand "SureGrow" and is involved in the  manufacturing and supply of infrastructure solutions for professional and household soil less cultivation. The product portfolio has professional full-stack hydroponics,  aquaponics, and aeroponics greenhouse solution with poly house structures and household  growing solutions without greenhouse covering.


Self-funded / Paid up Share Capital of $0.001358M


50 A/1, Mariamman Kovil Street, Veerakeralam, Sugarcane Breeding Institute Post,  Coimbatore TN 641007

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