Occipital Tech: Machine Learning Algorithms are sorting fruits now

Occipital Tech: Machine Learning Algorithms are sorting fruits now

December 27, 2020
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Occipital tech is creating cutting edge AI solutions to the agriculture ecosystem in India. Given the extent of Indian agricultural landscape, Occipital’s contributions bring much-needed standardization and transparency across the entire supply chain, investing tremendously to the growth of India’s most significant economic sector. Their main products include the Agrograde Machine and the Agrograde App.


The company observed a staggering lack of marketability of fruits and vegetables, transparency in trade as well as huge amount of post-harvest food loss in the field. There was a need for calibration and transparency across the entire supply chain.

Solutions by Occipital tech

Occipital Tech provides products that deliver Artificial Intelligence based customized solutions to all elements of the Agri-supply chain. This supports them to achieve greater returns while removing manual bias from their processes. Their solutions detect size, colour, foreign trade, surface quality, faults, ailments, form and variation of a product for scaling.

Agrograde Machine:

· Agrograde machine is a patent pending*, exclusively unique sorting machine that sorts fresh fruits and vegetables without harming them.

· Using advanced AI based vision systems, the machine perceives size, shape, colour and major faults of a commodity and sorts it into 3 separate grades.

· Perfect for medium to large initiatives and exporters in the Agri-supply chain.

Agrograde App:

· Agrograde app delivers a quality overview of fresh fruits and vegetables. The app generates a quality report that aids users while exchanging dialogue with buyers.

· By means of this report, farmers can directly connect with the enterprises or buyers and sell their produce for a higher price.

· An additional advantage of the app is to know what quality can be sold to which category of buyer to enhance returns.

Key Benefits/ Value Proposition:

Smarter quality assessment: Can access quality in 3 easy step process

Better Marketability: Can use quality reports for better pricing on online marketplaces

Greater ROI: By having quality first approach, they can fetch better returns for their products in agri-trade places.

· Agrograde uses a blend of custom-built computer vision and machine learning algorithms positioned on the cloud for quick and accurate identification and cataloguing of various parameters.

· Occipital’s machine learning models are trained over a vast dataset which helps us provide accurate and reliable results for tomatoes.

· The technology processes images of multiple samples within a few minutes thus helping users take faster data driven decisions.

· Occipital’s products are helping several supply chain companies procure directly from farmers and track quality throughout the supply chain. This has deepened the trust between the suppliers and enterprises.

· The products are used to determine the grade of a produce before buying from farmers. The quality of the produce is checked again during the inward process at collection centres and post sorting to check the factors contributing to rejection. This info is then used to inform field executives to take necessary steps.

· The company’s products help Farmer Producer Organizations to better market their produce to retailers & exporters based on its quality. They help them in keeping a track of incoming quality and take data driven decisions to maximize profits.

· Using the company’s technology, FPOs also participate in inter-state trade and earn a higher return for their farmers.

Looking Ahead

Occipital is targeting food processing companies and exporters. As the availability of manual labour is becoming scarce, the company foresees that the farmers will require technology. On another note, Coconut is grown in the southern States and the company views opportunities there. They are laying plans for the need of product customization for coconut as it is a different crop. The company is currently working on a proposal. To know more about Occipital Tech, visit http://Occipital

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