SkyMet: How to get crop weather predictions up to 12 months

SkyMet: How to get crop weather predictions up to 12 months

December 14, 2020
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Skymet is one of the niche ‘Weather Risk Management Services‘ company with expertise in measuring, predicting and limiting climate risk to agriculture. Skymet aims to help farmers by providing reports on weather forecast in advance. This data when applied to regular farming practices like sowing and harvesting will result in better decision making. Their solution mitigates the risks associated with agriculture through the use of IoT, SaaSS (software as a smart solution) and DaaS (Data as a Services).

The question to be asked here is, should we rely on weather forecast on the basis of historical data ? Research shows trends of changing weather conditions in every region and the forecast based on age old statistical model is proving to be inaccurate most of the times. Dynamical models of weather conditions take into account weather conditions like cloud movement and are finding favor with the industry.

Need for private weather forecaster like Skymet

Research on changing weather conditions is continuously happening in reputed organizations like the National Centre for Medium Range Forecasting, , Indian Institute of Science, and the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, but this information is not getting accurately reflected in the weather predictions of the government forecast body. Seasonal predictions that are meant for the government are not 100% accurate and hence can result in erroneous calculations when formulating agricultural strategies for the entire year.

Over the past few years several Weather Forecasting startups have come up in India and are dynamically predicting and recording the weather every day, every hour, every few minutes. These companies customize their prediction reports to the needs of the end customer like the power distribution companies whose business is very competitive and accurate forecasting of weather can result in huge cost savings.

Noida based Skymet supplies customized weather data to power distribution companies like NDPL and Reliance Infrastructure Limited. Skymet has an interesting tagline “Complete weather store“.

Companies like Skymet who are into the business of providing Weather Risk Management Services use data from several of their installed weather stations. These companies help compute weather-based insurance packages for farmers and also calculate risk to crops from weather anomalies. Multiple sectors like Wind Energy, Oil Rigging companies , Insurance companies etc have started seeing benefits in these prediction reports and have started buying weather data from private forecasting companies.

SkyMet’s Products

Skymet is putting into use its innovative advanced technologies to accomplish its mission of collecting atmospheric and terrestrial data and in turn, use it for the benefit of the customers. SkyMet provides a number of products and technologies for weather monitoring:

-APIs (Application Programming Interface)





SkyMetONE ( Premium Subscription Services)

SkyMet also offers solutions for risk management with the use of technology like Historical Agro Data, Weather Data, Weather Forecast Data, Remote Sensing Data using AWS & other sensors network. The use cases in multiple domains are as follows:

Crop Insurance: Knowing the weather and analytics of the crops in advance to helps Insurers.

-Banking: Historical & forecast data of Weather & Crops to re shape rural banking in India

-E Commerce & Retail: Hyper-Local Weather Forecasting made available

-Transportation: Weather forecasting beneficial for routing.

Value Proposition of Skymet

Hardware coupled with advanced software platform is the core strength of any meteorology-based player. Skymet, however manufactured and installed its own sensors and strongly believes that with superior technology they can assist the agriculture industry against strong climate change, unpredictable monsoons, long drought years, fight stress on soil and the increasing threat to food security in India.

Skymet from its very commencement, has been managing risk posed by climate change in agriculture. Their sensors cater to weather, air-quality, crop, lightening predictions using Automatic Weather Stations , Drones, Patented applications & Data. SkyMet’s key clients are Insurance companies, Banks, Agro companies, traders, e-commerce, retailers, logistics, and Govt. departments.

In the future, Skymet looks forward to providing better analytics and data to not only help farmers but also to government bodies to control issues like pollution. The team is working on numerous other solutions for measuring and monitoring air temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, lightning, solar radiation, soil moisture, soil temperature and leaf wetness.

Agriculture Start-up

Sky Met Weather Pvt. Ltd.

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Solution Overview

Weather forecast & Advice Solutions. Agricultural Risk Management Solutions.


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