Data Sutram: The Improvement of Business Efficiency Using Latest Technology

Data Sutram: The Improvement of Business Efficiency Using Latest Technology

January 6, 2021
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Data Sutram’s product KHOJ uses artificial intelligence (AI) to process large tracts of unstructured data from Satellite alongwith multiple public and private sources to help businesses use location data by pinpointing new locations for businesses, and also improves performance of existing physical and digital assets. KHOJ provides last mile delivery, competitive intelligence, consumer profiling, economic potential, geo marketing, site  evaluation etc. 


Unstructured data have insights that need to be processed, cleaned, geo-tagged and converted into usable  data for use by businesses. 

Solutions through Data Sutram

Data Sutram helps businesses increase delivery efficiency and reduce marketing expense. With Data Sutram’s data and insight solutions, companies have increased their deliveries by over 35 percent, increased growth of push channel by up to 20 percent, and reduced marketing burn by 60 percent. 

Technology Solutions

Data Sutram uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) methodologies such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to uncover these raw data sources and compute socio-economic parameters  like demography, ethnicity, affluence, and spending capacity to understand a location and help the business. This is done by pinpointing new locations for business to expand, improving performance of existing assets (both  physical and digital), and microtargeting the right audience for the right product.  

Data Sutram’s platform comprises two parts: Data Engine and Visualisation Platform. The first part is an AI engine that automatically processes raw data from multiple sources, cleans, geotags, structures, and marries it to create socio-economic demographic indexes about every location at various granularity levels. The visualisation platform is a Geographic Information System (GIS) platform that integrates data visualisation and data analytics to help clients visualise the impact of their decisions on the locations and give them insight to help them leverage the power of location data.  

Data Sutram is actively using 37 technologies for its website, according to BuiltWith. These include Viewport  Meta, IPhone / Mobile Compatible, and SPF. Data Sutram is ranked 4,103,471 among websites globally based  on its 1,018 monthly web visitors. 

Value Proposition and Key Differentiator  

Location Insights for BFSI: Financial Services, SME Lending, Insurance are dependent on consumer  spending capacity & life quality index of a location in order to determine the volume of business that can  be achieved. Location-insight helps the players in the sector to mobilize their resources as per demand to  increase their market share.  

o SME Lending – Default Risk Analysis: Data Sutram helps users identify risk of default in lending  and optimize loan collection process by analyzing location behaviour. 

o Life Insurance – Hyperlocal Marketing: Data Sutram enables users to use Hyperlocal Marketing  to optimize resources on ground to acquire customers. 

o Banks – Branch Consolidation & Customer Acquisition: Data Sutram enables users use the  power of Location Intelligence to increase Market Share.

Location Insights for Healthcare and Pharma: Location impacts quality of life and behavioural traits of people thereby affecting their health. Location insight Identifies supply-demand gaps and helps the  sector meet them to cater to the needs of the people. 

o Product Mix – Demand Prediction: Data Sutram enables users identify the demand of different product categories at a 100x100m level granularity. 

o Mapping Medical Resources: Data Sutram has an extensive database of doctors, hospitals, chemists, clinics with their market potential, footfall etc. 

o Sales Territory Management: Data Sutram enables users to optimize their field sales performance by using spatial data to plan deployment and targets of sales reps. 

Location Insights for Retail: The Retail Mantra has always been “Location, Location and Location”.  Especially in today’s world of omni-channel retail, the only hope of survival is to run a business driven by  location intelligence. 

o Intelligent Site Selection – Stores and Dark Stores: Data Sutram enables users visualise predicted footprint and business profitability and take decisions on opening, closing, repurposing  & relocation. It enables them identify external factors that impact sales, map out footfall, spending  capacity, demand, competition of a location and predicting expected business impact of decision 

o Hyperlocal Marketing – Increase Customer Acquisition: Data Sutram helps users increase deliveries and sales by hypertargeting sales effort and marketing drives based on profitability. It  identifies locations with high customer potential and pinpoints societies, businesses to carry out  sales drives in based on profitability. Data Sutram also provides users with intelligence to carry  out fast fulfillment of orders. 

o Fleet Management and Route Optimization: Data Sutram helps users improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and deliver a superior customer experience with the help of Location  Intelligence. This is fulfilled through optimized pickup and drop-off site planning, last mile  delivery optimization and smart order fulfillment to deliver enhanced customer experience. 

Looking Ahead

At present the start-up is focused on retail-specific sectors such as pharmacy, FMCG and grocery, with plans of  expansion into BFSI, agritech, and media and entertainment in the future. Learn more from:

Agriculture Startup

Data Sutram

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Mr. Aishik Pyne, Mr. Aisik Paul, Mr. Alok Mani, Mr. Ankit Das, Mr. Rajit Bhattacharya  and Mr. Soumik Chakrabarty

Solution Overview

Data Sutram is an AI-based location intelligence enterprise with a cloud-based B2B  product that works on a data as a service business model to help businesses:
1. Pinpoint New Locations for Expansion
2. Improve the performance of their existing physical & digital assets. 
3. Finding the right Audience for a business.


Uday Sodhi, Nitin Jain, Mitesh Shah, 100X.VC and 10,000 Start-Ups-NASSCOM / $302.1K


24, Park St, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal 700016, India

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