PayAgri: Bridging supply chain and digital transformation gap for farmers

PayAgri: Bridging supply chain and digital transformation gap for farmers

December 14, 2020
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Mechanized with the Phygital model of amalgamating technology in the digital and the physical world, PayAgri is optimizing the financial framework for farmers to scale their livelihood. They have created a transparent platform to have access to a wider network for selling their commodities, by removing middlemen. PayAgri has optimized an array of resources for the core benefit of farmers in the agricultural value chain.


Lack of technical tools to mitigate the hindrances for farmers in the entire agricultural supply chain.

Farmers often get paid lesser than their cost of cultivation due to the presence of middlemen, lack of awareness, limited use of technology, and opaque information flow. These risk factors impede the livelihood of farmers reducing them to settle for less in the monetary chain of agriculture.


Orchestrating the fintech model in the agricultural sector for farmers to benefit from,by creating a wide network accessible to them over the digital platform.

PayAgrideploys the agri-fintech schema which uses digital disruption as the core notion behind empowerment of the agricultural sector in India. They work on the holistic approach of rendering technological resources to farmers on a single transparent platform, removing middlemen and digitalizing entire transactions, and maintaining a history of invoices.

Key Benefits of PayAgri:

• This one-stop solution destination for farmers is creating digital literacy and making them more bankable.

• This is providing farmers with the transaction application that will generate invoices, purchase orders, and transaction history that will keep the selling of commodities documented.

• With a platform inviting small to large scale farmers across the country, PayAgri compounds a network for a better agricultural supply chain.

• PayAgri has removed middlemen which will allow farmers to receive the right cost and will have the option to choose who to sell the commodities from a wide array of networks.

• They are upgrading the monetary landscape for farmers and helping them create a better livelihood.

• They are providing the benefits of large-scale farming with smallholdings.

• Other than the banking solutions, PayAgri has also partnered with other AgriTech entities to contribute to the technological solutions posing a hindrance to the farmer’s growth.

Looking Ahead:

PayAgri, with the aim to transform how farming is seen in India and mobilize every element in the agricultural value chain that benefits the interest of farmers.Currently operating in the south of India, PayAgri has created a financial profile digitally for over 2700 farmers and is counting. They plan on establishing a global presence by expanding to the geography of nine major cities across the world.

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Rajeev G Kaimal, Rajkumar KVM

Solution Overview

PayAgri has distinguished itself as the catalyst in the agricultural supply chain to provide the farmers with a good lifestyle. It is allowing small to large scale farmers in getting a transparent platform for selling and speedy transactions by eliminating middlemen.


MFS Investment Management, Sundharam CMD, MABIF, Bharat Inclusion Seed Fund, TNAU Business Incubator


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