Gobasco: Leveraging Technology to optimize Agriculture Supply Chain

Gobasco: Leveraging Technology to optimize Agriculture Supply Chain

December 14, 2020
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Co-founded by an ex-Apple AI researcher in 2017, Gobasco combines large-scale data integration with proprietary technology to bring efficiency and transparency to commodity supply chain from farm to fork. The company identified some of the major sources of inadequacies – such as the high cost of procurement, multiple intermediaries, sub-optimal transportation, high standardisation cost and how to manage and work with them.

Gobasco focuses on better operational competence, better-quality realisations for farmers, reduced wastage, and greater price and market discovery for Agro-commodities.


-The company engages with real-time data analytics on data-streams arising from multiple sources all over the country aided with AI-optimized automated pipelines to intensely increase the efficiency of the current Agri supply-chain.

-It uses data-driven identification and treatment of the sources of inefficiencies with the use of AI-powered processes and pipelines.

-The start-up carries out artificial intelligence-based automatic grading and sorting for vegetables and fruits.

-Some of the innovative technologies the company has developed in-house include:

-Commodity flow map

-Customer preference map

-Credit rating system

-GoProcure AI tool

-Price prediction module

-Gobasco, uses proprietary optimisation engines and pipelines.

Key Benefits & Impact

Gobasco focuses on optimising the supply chain and is not restricted by customer dependence. It follows asset light business model and makes optimal use of already current infrastructure that supports the existing supply chain. The company, through its proprietary optimisation engines and pipelines, cuts down the cost of the supply chain and enhances the commodity pricing leading to solid margins. The company purchases from farmers and sells to bulk buyers and traders.

For Gobasco, the large-scale data analysis for data coming in multiple streams, formats, as well as language with the utilisation of cutting-edge NLP and AI tools is a major breakthrough that provides them an ultimate advantage over the others, organised and unorganised players.

Within 90 days of full-scale operations, Gobasco has transacted with 500+ farmers and buyers in 15 locations, both nationally as well as internationally. Gobasco is at present time working out of NCR & Lucknow.

Looking Ahead

The start-up will use the raised funds for scaling, expanding operations and the technology team, and towards building a completely automated platform to leverage real-time data-analytics and AI-powered pipelines. It aims to create a platform that yields higher operational efficiency, improves realisations for farmers, reduces wastage and enhances price and market discovery for agricultural commodities.

Agriculture Start-up


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Solution Overview

Supply Chain Solutions.


Abhishek Sharma, Vedant Katiyar

Investors / Funding

Matrix Partners India.


New Delhi, Delhi.

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