Satyukt: Focus on Satellite Imagery and Analytics as Modern Agriculture Solution

Satyukt: Focus on Satellite Imagery and Analytics as Modern Agriculture Solution

January 6, 2021
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Satyukt Analytics and agritech company provides business to business (B2B) agricultural data and services and has worked with enterprises, several government entities and premier academic institutes of India. Satyukt has been providing support on agricultural and water resources using high-resolution products; broadly divided into Micro Sensing and Macro Sensing.

Satyukt Analytics has advanced proprietary algorithms for processing multi-satellite TV for PC imagery including the numerous on-field,  weather, and marketplace factors to offer vital insights on water resources, crop health, and hazard  tracking bundled with advisory offerings to numerous stakeholders within the agricultural sector. To cater the needs of different stakeholders, their products are available through secured API on SaaS platform with ease of use and convenience.

Challenges that Satyukt is trying to solve 

Lack of knowledge and tech based farm advisory services is a major challenge that farmers and enterprises face in the agriculture segment. There are multiple focus areas of Satyukt solutions, to name a few:

– How to help farmers fight pests and diseases?

-Approach to irrigation scheduling for marginal farmers

-Crop loss prevention and good farming practices

-Address food security in India with Satellite and Machine learning approach

-Crop yield increase with remote sensing and monitoring soil health

-How to prepare the farmers for natural risks like flood, drought, storms etc.

Satyukt’s Saas Based Solution 

The company has two products namely Microsensing  and Macrosensing which can be used by Agri IT Companies, Input companies, Farmers, Traders, Food companies, Insurance companies and Financial Institutions.  Satyukt Analytics has developed satellite based Agro-advisory solution App called “My Farm”. It basically  provides crop advisory like: Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI),  soil moisture(SM), rainfall (RF) data at the farm scale level.

Satyukt Analytics leverages advanced satellite data, physical algorithms, and machine learning to generate near real-time insights tailoring to the needs of agriculture like soil health, water  resources management, insurance analytics, earthquake, flood and wind predictability. Satyukt also provides training services for research scholars, students, government and private employees. 

Value Proposition and Key Differentiator

Easily locate your farm: Satyuki enables farmers to locate their farm easily in the company’s web-based  interactive map. Satyuki’s API provides the flexibility of customizing the farm boundaries according to user needs. Users can create a farm by simply drawing a polygon on the map, or upload the shape of the farm if the user already has one. 

Monitor the health of crops: Satyuki’s API ensures quotidian monitoring of the farm of users from  anywhere in the world is possible using more than 100 satellite-based indices. 

Historical comparison: Satyuki enables users to compare the growth of their crops with historical data  to get insights on the health of the crop. The company also produce anomaly reports and maps going through which, decision-makers and stakeholders can refine it enough so that farmers can act on it and understand their options, giving them an opportunity to make forward-looking decisions quickly. 

Optimal design of monitoring network: When deploying a monitoring network of field sensors to  measure soil moisture and other variables (e.g. IoT sensors), Satyuki can help users determine the number of sensors required and optimal location for the sensors in their farms. 

Track farm conditions: Satyuki enables users track their farm conditions by visualizing ground data collected by sensors from various vendors.

Farm scouting: Sometimes a spatiotemporal variation of yield is observed even in the same field due to the variation in the physical and chemical properties of soil such as its texture, structure, porosity, etc. Agricultural inputs should be applied considering the factors of soil with which the yield varies. Satyuki’s  API coupled with a machine learning algorithm will help users to determine the optimal amount of agricultural inputs required spatio temporal estimation of input requirement. 

Data fusion: Satyuki’s algorithms can digest the Drone/UAV, IoT data of users or any other data source and also provide users optimally merged data on the same platform. 

Global data: Satyuki has the capacity to provide data globally. Users can just draw a polygon anywhere on the globe and start receiving the data. Users can build or augment their digital agriculture solution by providing farm health advisories. 

Added Value: With Satyuki, users get satellite data within 1 day, forecast risk before 1-2 weeks and crop  classification at any level globally. With Satyuki, remote monitoring of field saves 70 percent of time and provides 60 percent more accurate analysis of crop loss compared to conventional crop cutting method of surveying with analysis based on 100 percent coverage. 

Looking Ahead: 

Satyukt Analytics’ vision is to bring the latest farm-scale data backed by cutting-edge research on remote sensing, at the fingertips of farmers and other stakeholders in the agricultural sector. The company aims to boost their research activities in enhancing the resolution of their “eye from the sky” so as to provide finer-scale products that revolutionize the agriculture sector in the future. Learn more from:

Agriculture Startup

Satyukt analytics Pvt Ltd

Founded In



Mr. Pramod Khombare and Mr. Sat Kumar Tomer

Solution Overview

The company is a big data analytics organization that provides SaaS solutions to enable data-driven  farming to agriculture stakeholders such as farmers/growers globally. They add value by  increasing efficiency, scaling productivity, and strengthening sustainability across the board. 


Social Alpha and Nabventures / ₹37M


2nd Floor, 117, Sanjay Nagar Main Rd, MET Layout, Ashwath Nagar, Sanjaynagar,  Bengaluru, Karnataka 560094, India

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