EF Polymer:  Biodegradable and organic polymers are magic for the crops

EF Polymer: Biodegradable and organic polymers are magic for the crops

December 27, 2020
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EF Polymer is expected that the current global population will grow by 40 per cent to more than 9 billion by the year 2050 and this has brought into focus the important question of growing more food with less water. Agriculture is responsible for 70 per cent of all the freshwater withdrawals and hence an efficient, futuristic and sustainable water use needs to be planned. Making crop plants grow with less water and make water-use efficient is the greatest challenge for current and future generations of scientists.

EF Polymer is an agricultural start-up that emphasizes on improving crop yield and quality in low water environments. EF Polymer was founded in 2018 with the vision to help farmers across India and the globe and address their struggle with huge water and fertilizer requirement. With every increase of population in developing countries and pressure on natural resources conservation of water is most important.

Challenge that EF Polymer is trying to solve:

India as a country has access to only about 4 per cent of the world’s water resources, and farmers of our country consume more than 85% per cent of the groundwater water available. Even this quantity of water is not sufficient to cater to the requirements of all the farmers in the country. The crisis intensified to such an extent that there was deteriorating crop production, while 30 percent of the crops wilted, mostly in 2013 and 2015.

EF Polymer’s flagship product is Fasal Amrit which is 100% Organic and fully biodegradable natural Water Retention Polymer. This product reduces water necessity and helps in fertilizer retention. This addresses the problem of low harvest due to absent micronutrients and boosts farmer’s income by 20-30%.


Fasal Amrit is a Super Absorbent Polymer manufactured from biowastes which are collected from juice stores. It is useful in decreasing the irrigation water & fertilizer requirement and aids in increasing crop yield without creating soil and crop imbalance. The product can improve soil health by holding together micronutrients along with moisture content and aiding in the growth of Soil Microbes ((bacteria and fungi) which is nearly at zero levels owing to the high practice of chemical fertilizer. Soil microbes are essential for recycling old plant material and decomposing organic matter. Some soil bacteria and fungi get attached to plant roots and provide important nutrients like nitrogen or phosphorus that are growth promoters for crops.

Since the active ingredient of Fasal Amrit is biowaste, adding this to the soil does not create any imbalance nor adds any synthetic chemical substances to the farms.

Value Proposition/ Key Benefits of Fasal Amrit:

o Fasal Amrit is an Eco-Friendly Water Retention Natural Polymer which is able to absorb 300 times additional water than its own mass for as long as 10-12 days.

o Fasal Amrit is totally organic in nature, chemical-free and pollution-free.

o Interestingly, Fasal Amrit is 100% biodegradable and gets combined in the soil within 6 months of application.

o With the inputs received from the users and pilot project carried out the results have shown a decrease in irrigation water requirement by 30-40% along with a 40-50% reduction in fertilizer use.


The company is planning to set up a plant for mass production, after receiving an investment from the Rajasthan Government for their innovative idea. It is also receiving support by iStart Rajasthan, the State government’s initiative to adopt, support and endorse start-ups. The funds and alliances are helping the company to scale up its operations in the country. The start-up plans to enter into parts of North-West India as the groundwater is scarce there and EF Polymer’s innovative product can make a difference in the farmer’s fortunes and also bring in good revenues for the company.

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