KrishiHub: Technology Driven Agri Ecosystem for Indian Farmers

KrishiHub: Technology Driven Agri Ecosystem for Indian Farmers

December 9, 2020
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KrishiHub has come up with a technology-driven Agri ecosystem for Indian farmers that reduces crop wastage from farm to fork, increases farmers income and improves farm productivity.

The platform reduces crop wastage by bringing supply chain efficiency for fresh produce and giving more income in the hands of farmers. They are also trying to improve farm yield and productivity by providing Agri advisory to farmers across India, so that they can take better data-driven decisions.

Challenge that KrishiHub is trying to solve

The Agro supply chain in India moves along a long chain of interlinked stages which are heavily dependent on each other. An elevated sowing and cultivation pattern is required to improved farm productivity. Similarly, an effective procurement practice and logistics service lead to reduced crop wastage. To tackle such problems at the grassroots level effectively, the “Full Stack” Agri Ecosystem can be used as a holistic model.

Solutions offered by KrishiHub

For Businesses:

KrishiHub operates an end-to-end controlled supply chain beginning from procurement until the products are delivered to the customer’s doorstep. An end-to-end controlled supply chain guarantees traceability every step of the way from farm to fork. Meticulous multi-stage quality check ensures that customers receive produces as per their grade requirements in each order. Artificial Intelligence is made use of to predict demand in advance which provides better visibility to farmers and drastically lowers crop wastage.

For Farmers:

KrishiHub presents an advisory platform to farmers across the country to gain immediate and recent knowledge on pricing, cultivation best practices, disease management, etc. The portal supports 7 languages to make sure that farmers from region find it easy to use the service. It works on real time and therefor is location aware. That enables the farmer to get suggestions according to location, climate, and suitable crop preference. A social forum is open for the farmers to gain knowledge on the latest developments and share their own expertise.

Value Proposition of KrishiHub

Through their demand driven B2B platform, the Bengaluru based start-up is enabling farmers to sell their crops directly to businesses like restaurants/ hotels/ canteens/ hostels/ government institutes/ cafeterias, etc. at enhanced prices eliminating the middleman.

Through their technology, farmers all over India can gain access to location-specific crop information, weather forecast, mandi price, Agri inputs, Agri news & videos and other details in regional languages. KirishiHub’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered supply chain allows quicker deliveries and on time deliveries by allowing deployment of proprietary algorithms for determining delivery routes for each delivery agent for logistics cost optimization.

KrishiHub is working to reduce up to 25% crop wastage by operating an end-to-end controlled supply chain for fresh produce allowing more income flow into the hands of farmers.

Future Ahead

KrishiHub plans to expand its ventures across Delhi-NCR and expand its farmer base in multiple states. Their goal is to build the entire agricultural ecosystem with the presence of information and decision support systems for farmers on all agricultural needs.  

Plans are being written up to explore the limits of R&D to improve the technology platform. One of their many targets is to look at possibilities to begin operations in Tier-2 cities and join forces with state governments for better outreach and export Indian Agri products globally.

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