Agrostar: Agriculture Products are now sold online in India

Agrostar: Agriculture Products are now sold online in India

December 18, 2020
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Online shopping of Farm Products is possible now

AgroStar is one of India’s leading Agricultural Technology start-up which is working on the mission of helping the farmers of India triumph by providing a comprehensive range of Agricultural solutions at the fingertips of farmers. AgroStar’s technological platform delivers a blend of agronomy assistance tied with service and agricultural input products that allow farmers to knowingly advance their productivity and revenue. They use a wide-ranging quantity of technology, data and agricultural knowledge to provide the correct solution for advice and products to Indian farmers.

This company is currently operational in the states of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Gujarat. It has more than 5 Lakh farmers on its digital platform.

 Farmers in the operational states of the company have the facility to avail agricultural solutions for their whole crop life-cycle with a simple “missed call” or through the Android application, which is among one of the highest rated farming intensive applications in the country.

Agrostar Products and Service

Agrostar provides customised solutions to increase and improve farm productivity. AgroStar solves farmers’ problems facing adultery, duplication and product unavailability by making a variety of quality products available to the farmer through miss call service.

Lack of access to real-time and accurate advice on agronomy is a major challenge faced by Indian farmers today. AgroStar’s “Agri Doctor” solves this problem for the farmer as they can get advice from agricultural experts on their crop and agricultural needs by downloading our mobile app or through our call center.

Unique Value Proposition

CONVENIENCE: Providing farmers with doorstep delivery of products in villages. This would help save time and effort, which can be put to use elsewhere.

FAIR PRICE: The company does everything to make products available to the farmer at a fair price. This would help farmers minimize cost, and this money can be used elsewhere.

EXPERT ADVICE: Real-time agricultural solutions for farmers to manage their farms in a better way. Interaction with experts would help farmers identify problem areas faster and deploy faster solutions.

QUALITY: Provide authentic and high-quality products made by reputable companies.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Provide timely and efficient customer service whenever the farmer needs it. This provides emotional support of the farmer.

EASY CONTACT: Information found in the AgroStar app or by making a missed call to our 1800 number

AgroStar Farmer App

AgroStar Application is a one-stop solution for all agricultural requirements. Farmers can access personalized, agriculture intensive content, instructions and articles focused on serving farmers produce better harvest and resolve common difficulties taking place on the farm. Farmers can also look through a wide variety of quality products like crop protection, seeds, nutrition and farm implements belonging to the best agricultural brands in the country.

Find relevant solutions & expert advice for a wide variety of crops and issues commonly affecting them. The agrostar farmer’s application also showcases farmer success stories, articles for advice from trustworthy sources at one place.The content is specially curated for you and the crops you grow.

Browse through a wide range of agricultural inputs like seeds, crop protection, crop nutrition and farm implement products. You can also see all available products of your favourite brands and varieties at one place. You can easily get expert advice by using the expert help link to talk to an expert.

Agriculture Startup

Ulink Agritech

Founded In



Shardul Sheth and Sitanshu Sheth

Solution Overview

Agricultural advice, products and tips


Aavishkaar Capital, Chiratae Ventures, Accel Partners, Bertelsmann India and Rabo Frontier Ventures



Future Overview

In the coming five years the company is planning to offer incremental worth to the farmers regarding range of inputs delivered at their doorstep, top-notch farming guidance and also giving them access to market linkage and credit

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