Fertilizer Association of India(FAI) is the catalyst for fertilizer industry

Fertilizer Association of India(FAI) is the catalyst for fertilizer industry

January 24, 2021
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About FAI

The Fertilizer Association of India (FAI) is a non-profit company that mainly represents fertilizer manufacturers, distributors, importers, equipment manufacturers, research institutes and suppliers of inputs. The Association was setup in 1955 with the vision of uniting all parties concerned with the production, marketing and use of fertilizers.

FAI has access to the information on all Indian fertilizer manufacturers including their profile, performance, capacity utilization, energy consumption, energy conservation measures implemented and their impact, constraints in further implementation of energy saving measures, technology licensors, equipment suppliers are available with the organization, partly as published data and partly as confidential information.

Function of FAI

Monitoring the performance of fertilizer plants w.r.t various operational parameters like energy consumption, water consumption, causes for downtime in plants and other causes and concentration of pollutants in effluents and emissions. Status papers are prepared, presented and published. Benchmarking exercises are also carried out periodically.

FAI facilitates the exchange of information on all aspects related to fertilizer production through a number of GDs, Workshops, Seminars and Symposia. FAI also brings out a monthly publication, “Indian Journal of Fertilizers”, which provides opportunity to exchange experience on various aspects of fertilizer production, distribution and consumption.

FAI is working as the sector expert agency to Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) for implementation of Perform Achieve Transfer Scheme.  29 designated consumers(DC’s) have been identified so far under this scheme. BEE was assisted by FAI in reaching the targets for energy consumption reduction.

Challenge that FAI is trying to solve

Multiplicity of challenges facing the fertilizer production sector which include lack of subsidies to local fertilizer producers or suppliers, lower usage of Fertilizer in India in comparison with other countries such as China, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Solutions by FAI

The Fertilizer Association of India (FAI), a representative body of the Fertilizer Industry, plays a catalytic role in improving efficiency and productivity in fertilizer production, distribution and use through its activities with a view to:

• Acting as bridge for all stakeholders concerned with the production, marketing and use of fertilizers

• Helping the industry in improving its operative efficiency

• Find solutions to the problems facing the fertilizer industry and agriculture

• Promote balanced and efficient fertilizer usage

The prime objective of the Association is ensuring food security through efficient and balanced use of plant nutrients. With close to 973 members that comprise of Active, Associate, Overseas Associate and Technical and Professional Members, FAI provides the necessary support for meeting the challenges that the industry is facing.

The Fertilizer Association of India has four membership categories which include:

– Active membership

– Associate membership

– Overseas Associate membership

– Technical/Professional membership


Assessment to Action (A2A), an energy assessment tool kit developed by IIP & ICF Marbek was first developed for Chinese plants and later modified and fine-tuned for Indian fertilizer industry.  

Each improvement measure in the toolkit’s library has been thoroughly reviewed. FAI provides realistic data regarding costs, energy saving and cost benefit analysis for each of the identified technological options. The modified Toolkit was then further subjected to field testing / validation and fine tuned by visiting two plants.

Value Proposition and Key Differentiator of FAI

The FAI acts as a bridge between Industry and Govt. by maintaining close contact and rapport with concerned Ministries and Agencies.

The FAI acts as a focal point for resolving industry problems by taking up issues with the appropriate authorities. It collects and collates data on various industry problems. FAI is represented in all important Govt. Committees/Panels relating to fertilizer and agriculture. 

FAI maintains close liaison with international bodies like: Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA), IMPHOS (World Phosphate Institute), The Sulphur Institute (TSI), International Potash Institute (IPI), International Zinc Association (IZA), Potash & Phosphate Institute of Canada(PPIC), Fertilizer Advisory Development and Information Network for Asia and the Pacific (FADINAP). International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), National Fertilizer & Environmental Research Center, USA and World Bank

The FAI is represented in various international fora where their officials are invited to present papers on topics that are of importance to the developing countries in the field of fertilizer and agriculture. From time to time, the FAI has also undertaken studies sponsored by international organizations and some developing countries.

The FAI provides a forum for exchange of views and cross-fertilization of ideas to those concerned with fertilizers in various disciplines, through Group Discussions, Workshops, Think Tank Meetings and Seminars at Regional, National and International levels.

The FAI also carries out FAO funded related studies on specific topics such as energy conservation, downtime analysis, safety and pollution abatement. FAI also projects demand/supply of fertilizers for national planning.

The FAI acts as a clearing house for technical, agricultural, marketing, statistical information etc., concerning the industry by maintaining a large and up-to-date library and documentation centre.

The FAI provides training programmes at all levels, covering all the disciplines of the industry.

With a view to promote healthy competition and reward outstanding work, the FAI has instituted a number of Annual Awards.

In addition, the FAI has instituted the following awards in collaboration with International Institutions/Association: TSI-FAI Award on Plant Nutrient Sulphur, PPIC-FAI Award for the Best Research on Management and Balanced Use of Inputs in Achieving Maximum Yield, IMPHOS-FAI Award on Impact of Phosphorus on Yield and Quality of Crops and IPI-FAI Award for Outstanding MSc. Research in Balanced and Integrated Fertilizer Usage with Emphasis on Potassium.

The FAI provides regular information to the National Press; Inputs are given to International Organizations and Government Agencies; write-ups are provided to professional and specialized publication in India and abroad on the developments and issues relating to fertilizers, agriculture and related areas. Press conferences are organized to highlight issues/problems facing the fertilizer industry.

FAI publications are internationally accepted as authoritative sources of reference material. Some journals like Fertilizer Marketing News (English), Khad Patrika (Hindi), etc are brought out by FAI every month.

The FAI website www.faidelhi.org is a powerful site containing wealth of information both at macro and micro levels relating to fertilizer, agriculture and allied areas.

Looking Ahead:

The Fertilizer Association of India aims to continue promoting the manufacture, distribution and use of Fertilizers in India. They intend to achieve through a lineup of innovative programmes and activities. Learn more from: https:// www.faidelhi.org

Agriculture Startup

Fertilizer Association Of India

Founded In



Shri K. S. Raju – Chairman; Shri A. Vellayan – Emeritus Director; Shri Ajay S. Shriram – Emeritus Director; Dr. S. Nand – Deputy Director General; and Shri D. Ramakrishnan – Secretary and Treasurer

Solution Overview

The Fertilizer Association of India (FAI) is a representative body of the Fertilizer Industry which plays a catalytic role in improving fertilizer production and distribution. FAI is managed by the Board of Directors representing various interests of constituent member units. Presently, the Board comprises 32 Directors who are mostly the Chief Executives of various member companies. The activities of FAI are carried out through various functional divisions/depts. namely Technical, Environment & Safety, Marketing, Statistics, Information and Communication, Economics, Agricultural Sciences, Documentation, Accounts and Administration and Public Relations. The FAI has four Regional offices located in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Delhi. The Regional Offices focus primarily on local issues and have continuous interface with the fertilizer manufacturers operating in their respective regions, the state governments and other local authorities. 


FAI House 10 Shaheed Jit Singh Marg Delhi, India 110016

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