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Why Publish on Focus Agritech Portal?

We would showcase content about your business to an audience perfectly suitable for your business and increase your brand awareness among your target segment goups.

By partnering with Focus Agritech, you can promote your content across the best digital channels and multiple platforms. The content promoted on our website would be developed by our skilled in-house content marketing team. The customized content for your agribusiness is further broken down into three sub categories.

Press Releases

We offer you the services of press releases where any official statement by your agritech startup would be published on our website.


Our website regularly publishes articles on innovative businesses in agriculture. If you bringing a change we are there to promote it.


Our team would conduct in-depth interviews of the top professionals of your company, and later would publish those on our website.

Submit an Article

  • A Press Release is a very effective Public Relations & Marketing Tool.
  • You can craft, control and circulate your story.
  • A well structured press release helps in proactive ‘Reputation Management’.
  • Improve the SEO of your posts while aligning them with dedicated portals and services.
  • Give Your Social Media traffic a Boost.
  • Specialized Distribution for your news article / press release.

Focus Agritech will help you increase audience engagement around your product and services by featuring your business on our website in the form of well researched articles. Our team with highly skilled content writers would cover your business, highlighting your business’s USP and differentiators. Our website will provide your business with the right audience for your business and eventually drive more sales of your product or services. You can check out our Blog Section to get a glimpse of our content writing.

Submit a press release

Another way of publishing content about your business is through press releases where any official statement by your agribusiness would be published on our website. A press release is an excellent way of notifying people about any new product or service offering. Our highly skilled and experienced content writers will prepare the matter for you and post it on our website. This would help your brand drive more sales by increasing its visibility through our platform.

If you have any queries or are still unclear about the process of having the press releases of your business, you can visit our FAQ section or get in touch with us!

The press release on our platform will provide you with the following features:

  • Search engine friendly for improving content velocity.
  • The article will be accompanied by featured image and company logo.
  • Allowing multiple images.
  • Allowing YouTube embed links.
  • Allowing PDF/PowerPoint attachments.

Publish an Interview

A unique way of featuring your business on our platform is conducting interviews with your company’s top executives. Our team would do in-depth discussions with your C Level executives and publish the same on our website. This would help your business enhance its brand image by providing good visibility among the right audience. If you are still unclear about how the interviews would get featured, visit our Leadership Talks page or get in touch with us through the link below.

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