New Common Standards Developed For Betterment of Agricultural Equipments

New Common Standards Developed For Betterment of Agricultural Equipments

December 8, 2020
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Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF)

While the standardization and compatibility of Hardware and Software in the Information Technology field has matured, it is a new thing for the Agriculture industry to develop Agricultural Equipments. With the proliferation of technologies in the farming segment there is a definite need to establish transparency about compatibility and common standards within the industry.

Implementing international agricultural equipments electronic standards is therefore a responsibility that the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) took up in 2008 along with seven international equipment manufacturers and two associations. AEF is an independent global establishment ; currently eight manufacturers and three associations are working as core members together with 200 general members. They work to establish transparency about compatibility issues between electronic and electric components in agricultural equipment and to bring them to common standards gradually.

Furthermore, being a user platform, AEF offers technical knowledge and resources on the development, and implementation of new technology like higher applications of electrical and electronic farming methods to improve agricultural equipments in India. Working along with AEF different companies can collaborate for developing standard protocols to eliminate compatibility issues between their products and ultimately providing their farming customers with economic benefits.

Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation products

Common Standards For Agricultural Equipments And Solutions


AEF ISOBUS Database maintains information about product functionalities, their compatibility with others to ensure transparency for the end customer. Thus, customers can refer to this database prior to a purchase and choose a specific ISOBUS combination meeting their requirements.

AEF Mobile app

Nowadays, smartphones are a must to access applications and use other mobile services. Therefore, AEF comes with one stop AEF ISOBUS Database app to ease everyday farming activities with access to the essential agricultural mobile services.

AEF Conformance Test

For ensuring customer reliability, AEF has developed ISOBUS Conformance Test. For all Agricultural Equipments It makes sure that ISOBUS products actually conform to the promised functionality by complying with ISO 11783 as well as with the additional AEF Guidelines. Five independent test labs perform this test.

Web-based training

AEF comes with web-based training videos for supporting member associations in staff training on ISOBUS certified products and related issues. The videos address:

∙ Sales and marketing

∙ Technical training like product testing, development, etc.

∙ CheckTool

For easy and fast troubleshooting of ISOBUS products, AEF ISOBUS CheckTool is available free to members. It acquires diagnostic information about all Agricultural Equipments Electronic Control Units and compares it with that pre stored information in the database. It also saves the communications in a CAN log and enables service staff for swiftly identifying and solving ISOBUS component issues.

“AEF Certified” Label

The label of “AEF Certified” acts as a distinct authentication for people. All AEF-certified products have passed the AEF Conformance Test.

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