GPS/GNSS technology aids farmers mapping of Farms in India

GPS/GNSS technology aids farmers mapping of Farms in India

December 14, 2020
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GPS/GNSS technology allows farmers to plan their crop yields by becoming aware of the soil quality. Precision agriculture is seen as the next big revolution in the agriculture industry and use of navigation based technologies to aid farming is one of the pathbreaking solutions. GNSS (i.e., Global Navigation Satellite System) broadly constitutes various kinds of global satellite-based PNT (positioning, navigation and timing) technologies and GPS (i.e., Global Positioning System) is a constituent of GNSS. The integration of GPS, GNSS and others allow farmers to visualise the farm geography for implementing decision based agriculture. Accurate position tracking with GNSS & GPS system helps farmers and agriculture solution providers to automatically record data, and apply variable rate of inputs of resources in their farms. With the deployment of navigation based systems farmers are now able to visualise the requirements as per the farm and take decisions accordingly.

Agriculture is undergoing a revolution with increased producer acceptance of an improved management concept called Precision Farming. Simply stated, precision farming promotes greater yields and reduced input costs by ensuring that the right things are done at the right time at right place and in right amount in the field. Precision farming is a knowledge-based technology. It involves measurement of crop yields such that a coloured map can be generated to show yield variability as a function of field location. These maps can be coupled with soil fertility test results and other information to generate prescriptions which can automatically control the rate at which inputs are applied to a field on a site specific basis. The goal of precision farming is to increase income while reducing environmental impact. Differentially corrected GPS is the backbone of these geo-referenced field operations. In agriculture today, differential correction is provided primarily through AM signals from local beacons and wide-area C-Band or L-Band signals from a geosynchronous satellite.

What is GPS/GNSS soil mapping?

GPS/GNSS soil mapping refers to locating and mapping soil-sampling sites using GPS. It lets farmers create contour maps displaying fertility differentiations over fields. It’s also used to contrast crop inputs over fields as per real-time crop sensors or GIS maps. 

Why do you need GPS/GNSS soil mapping in precision farming?

Earlier farmers couldn’t tally crop yields and production methods with land variability. So they failed to create the best soil treatment plans to promote their farm production. Now GPS/GNSS soil mapping has enabled them to associate precision farming information with real-time data analysis for effective collection of extensive geospatial data.

GPS in precision farming helps collect information about enhancing water and land usage. Fertiliser utilisation and other soil modifications have become easier. So farmers can preserve their natural resources for future use. 

GPS apparatus manufacturers offer many tools for productive precision farming practises. For instance, GPS receivers collect precise location data to map irrigation systems, roads, field boundaries and crop concerns like diseases or weeds.

GPS/GNSS soil mapping benefits in precision farming

  • Precision soil sampling
  • Data analysis and collection 
  • Tractor guidance
  • Crop scouting
  • Planting density for complementing certain sites of the field
  • Allowing chemical applications in localised variations
  • Field navigation accuracy minimising skipped locations and needless applications, and allowing optimum ground coverage in the briefest duration 
  • Enabling work despite poor visibility field conditions like darkness, fog, dust and rain for boosting productivity
  • Removal of the requirement of human flaggers minimising overspray and enhancing spray efficiency

Top OEM’s  in GPS/GNSS Soil Mapping products

FocusAgritech’s Outlook for this technology 

It is a path-breaking innovation that will solve a lot of farm problems.

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